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Canada’s extensive network of colleges and institutes serves students from all over the country where they live, whether it’s in urban, rural or remote communities, thanks to more than 670 locations across Canada.


They provide over 10,000 different education and training programs to a broad range of students, from recent high school graduates and adult learners, to new Canadians and university graduates.

June 1, 2017

The Benefits of a College or Institute Credential

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Thanks to strong ties within their communities, colleges and institutes also play an essential role in supporting local economic growth and innovation.

Education and Employability

Education and Employability

Flexible, innovative learning opportunities for students are adapted to the needs of communities and local employers to ensure that graduates enter the workforce quickly and build meaningful careers.

  • Over 95% of college and institute graduates find work in their field. (Source: National graduates survey 2013)
  • Colleges and institutes offer a huge range of educational pathways and credentials, from diplomas to degrees and post-graduate certificates.
Collaboration with Local Business

Collaboration with Local Business

Serving as vital community hubs, colleges and institutes work closely with local employers to ensure programs respond to the current and emerging economy.

  • All programs are developed with input from local experts and employers.
  • Work-integrated learning opportunities are included in almost all programs, giving students hands-on job experience before they graduate.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Colleges and institutes fuel Canadian innovation through over 400 specialized research centres and laboratories located in every province and territory. They also support entrepreneurship via curriculum integration and on-site incubators and accelerators.

  • In 2015-16, colleges and institutes partnered with over 6,300 private sector partners to develop new and improved products, processes and services.
  • Over 13,500 students received support from their college or institute to pursue an entrepreneurial idea in 2014-15. (Source: CICan Applied Research Survey 2015-2016)
Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Colleges and institutes are preparing students for the green economy by providing cutting edge training in environmental technology, sustainability, natural resources management, and energy through both programs and research projects.

  • They host 95 applied research centres and laboratories specializing in environmental sustainability.
  • Most new campuses and buildings are LEED certified.
Support for Newcomers to Canada

Support for Newcomers to Canada

Colleges and institutes work with immigrant settlement agencies and community partners to provide targeted assessment, advice and personalized support services, second language training, and bridge-to-employment programs that facilitate newcomer credential recognition, and promote effective integration into Canadian society.

  • Colleges and institutes are among the main providers of the national Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program.
Support for Indigenous Students

Support for Indigenous Students

With a long-standing commitment to Indigenous learners and communities across the country, colleges and institutes are the main providers of post-secondary education among Indigenous communities, offering a range of support services to indigenous learners to help them succeed.


Colleges, institutes, and those they have trained, generated over $191 billion in additional income to the national economy in 2014-15

Source: EMSI report 2016