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Northern Lakes College

The service region for Northern Lakes College covers an area in excess of 163,000 square kilometers in north central Alberta, with more than 25 campuses. The institution serves a total of 37 communities. The challenge of providing access to learners in these communities has resulted in a rather unique program delivery model. Distance learning technology remains a key delivery tool, helping the College to reach the students throughout the region and beyond. Northern Lakes College offers certificates, diplomas, pre-employment programs, university transfers and apprenticeship training. The College is a member of Campus Alberta and continues to support its goal to provide accessible, transferable and collaborative programming that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and system collaboration. The institution has a few unique settings, including the Marten Lakes Wilderness Campus. This remote wilderness camp offers a rustic outdoor experience. Northern Lakes College is proud to welcome many mature learners who need significant educational upgrading before entering post-secondary programs. Learners are appreciative of the local opportunities and they value education. Local education, in turn, often contributes to skilled workers remaining in the communities.



Date modified: 2018-12-03