Building Campuses of the Future

Ours is Canada’s largest post-secondary education network. Across more than 680 campuses and access centres, we collaborate with governments, industries, and not-for-profits to train millions of diverse learners.

Our economy is constantly evolving, and now more than ever, in the wake of rapid digitalization and technological advancement. To gain the skills needed to succeed in the future economy and fulfil Canada’s labour shortages, it’s critical students have access to the latest technologies used by industry. This is particularly vital for colleges and institutes which provide industry-relevant, hands-on learning experiences.

With the right support, colleges and institutes can ensure their campuses futureproof learners and communities. From adopting energy-efficient technologies to achieve net-zero campuses to developing high-tech research centres that build critical skills and address real-world challenges, we continue to strengthen our infrastructure to advance learning and address the needs of the future.

A recent survey of infrastructure needs revealed that CICan members have over 300 shovel-ready projects, the majority (62%) of which are for renovations, repairs and retrofits to improve energy efficiency and reduce campus GHG emissions.

Facts & Stats

invested in infrastructure projects in last three years
Source: CICan Survey, 2023
planned infrastructure projects
Source: CICan Survey, 2023
of planned infrastructure projects will serve spaces shared with local communities
Source: CICan Survey, 2023
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