ImpAct-EDI is our national approach to a culture of inclusion across the college and institute sector. We connect and mobilize college and institute leaders, sharing the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

By using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for EDI, we give colleges and institutes the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, to learn from each other, and maximize the impact of Canada’s largest post-secondary network.

Our 50 – 30 Challenge Project supports organizations across the country taking part in the Government of Canada’s 50 – 30 Challenge. Through two Knowledge, Mobilization and Dissemination Centres and five regional hubs, we make resources and tools available to support challenge participants in their EDI journeys.

What is the 50 – 30 challenge? The 50 – 30 Challenge is the Government of Canada’s call for organizations, institutions, and businesses across the country to aspire to achieve 50% gender parity on their boards and senior management teams; as well as at least 30% representation of other equity-deserving groups, including Indigenous people, racialized persons, people living with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ2+ community.

We are a proud ecosystem partner! That means we commit to supporting our members through the challenge and bringing the college and institute sector together in ways that move beyond good intentions to action.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4
Quality Education
Goal 5
Gender Equality
Goal 8
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 10
Reduced Inequalities
Goal 13
Climate Action
Goal 17
Partnerships to achieve the Goals
We champion access for all. Our national programs and projects provide equitable opportunities for all Canadians, especially those from underrepresented groups such as women, racialized people, Indigenous people, and people with disabilities.

In partnership with

ImpAct-EDI is funded by the McConnell Foundation and by Employment and Social Development Canada.