Our Work

We bring Canadian education to the world, and the world to Canada. By linking Canadian institutions with partners all around the world, we help transform post-secondary education and connect learners in Canada and overseas with employment-based training and global skills they need to succeed.

We listen to partners in developing countries to better understand their needs and design solutions that works in local contexts. We connect leaders, educators, and innovators to address worldwide challenges like climate change, poverty, and inequality. We empower people around the world, especially women, youth, and disadvantaged populations to contribute to positive change.

Industry Engagement

We connect training institutions and local employers to align training with the needs of the labour market. We help learners find good jobs by ensuring that they graduate with the skills that employers want.

Postsecondary Education Reform

We help governments, training institutions, and communities reform their TVET systems to improve access to training, strengthen the quality of programs, and ensure that they remain relevant, especially for girls, women, and vulnerable populations.

Gender Equality

We emphasize empowering women and girls in all our international initiatives, focusing on leadership, agency, skills development, and entrepreneurship. Our approach is based on human rights and promotes access to training, student retention, and equitable labour market outcomes. Our work addresses systemic and socio-cultural barriers faced by female students while developing gender-responsive programs and promoting gender-responsive pedagogy in TVET.

Climate Change

We design and deliver programs that equip people around the world to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. We help communities assess challenges, identify solutions, and strengthen response systems in areas like natural resources management, food security, and disaster risk reduction.


We help learners develop the knowledge, skills, and connections to become successful entrepreneurs. By teaching them to be self-starters, resilient in the face of adversity, and to anticipate future trends, entrepreneurship training offered by our members is integrated across technical programs and equips learners to succeed in the traditional labour market.

Student Mobility

We manage outbound student mobility programs that help Canadian students develop global skills through international study and work-integrated learning opportunities. We also provide pathways for Canadian colleges and institutes to build strong, meaningful collaborations with their counterparts overseas.

Leadership Development

We strengthen the leadership and institutional management capacity of Ministry representatives, institutional, and community leaders to manage the changing landscape of demand driven postsecondary education and training.

Innovative Finance

We design innovative financial instruments that mobilize private investment capital to achieve development impact and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. We use blended finance as a structure to address barriers faced by private investors interested in deploying capital in emerging and frontier markets. With partners, we design and implement outcomes-based financial instruments to encourage innovation and make a greater impact.

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Marketing and Recruitment

We work with partners around the world to promote Canadian colleges and institutes as a top choice for international students from around the world and a main contributor to Canada’s economy, bringing the benefits of international education to communities across the country.

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