Our Priorities

CICan advocates as the collective voice of colleges and institutes. We work with governments, industry and communities to ensure everyone in Canada has access to training opportunities that build the skills needed to succeed in the labour market and play an active role in the innovation ecosystem.

What are our priorities?

Accelerating Reconciliation

Colleges and institutes are critical to reconciliation. We work with governments and Indigenous communities to remove barriers to education and promote a culture of respect and inclusion for Indigenous Peoples.

Advancing Sustainable Development Goals

CICan’s vision of better futures for people and communities is guided and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Colleges and institutes are playing a critical and lead role in Canada’s progress toward these goals.

Boosting Innovation

Colleges and institutes are research and innovation powerhouses. We help businesses build a skilled workforce and advance research and development capacity to contribute to Canada’s economic growth and competitiveness on a global scale.

Building Campuses of the Future

Ours is Canada’s largest post-secondary network, with over 680 locations across the country. Colleges and institutes are constantly reimagining their infrastructure to advance learning and meet future needs, all while pushing the boundaries of eco-design and cutting-edge technology.

Deepening Global Engagement

Colleges and institutes champion education, training and innovation on a global scale. We lead global campuses and support many countries to adapt their education systems to match labour market needs.

Growing Talent for the 21st century

Colleges and institutes train and upskill resilient, adaptable and diverse learners. These learners walk away with the 21st-century skills needed to enter the workforce quickly and help grow Canada’s economy.

Protecting a Balanced Approach to Copyright

Colleges and institutes stand for a balanced approach to copyright to support new ideas, allow for the dissemination of knowledge, permit access to education and embrace technological innovation.