Growing Talent for the 21st century

Colleges and institutes are the backbone of the Canadian labour market. Over 6.3 million Canadians working today are college and institute graduates – the largest segment of the current workforce.

Every day, colleges and institutes train and upskill resilient, adaptable and diverse learners. These learners are equipped with the 21st-century skills needed to enter the workforce quickly and help grow Canada’s economy. Since over 95% of Canadians live within 50 km of one of our institutions, our reach is unparalleled. We are the most accessible post-secondary institutions in Canada regarding cost, proximity and supportive environment. And we are unrelenting in our efforts to advance equity, diversity and inclusion within our institutions so that everyone in Canada feels a sense of belonging and our future economy reflects and benefits from one of Canada’s greatest strengths – our diversity.

With Canada facing a skilled labour shortage, its vital colleges and institutes continue to receive the support needed to carry out their role producing highly skilled and future-ready workers to fill the gap.

Facts & Stats

Businesses partner with a postsecondary institution to participate in work-integrated learning
Canadians working today are college and institute graduates
Over half of college enrolments are women (2021/22)
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