Denise Amyot Bursary

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is proud to introduce the Denise Amyot Bursary to honour the legacy and generosity of Denise Amyot, CICan’s former CEO, whose leadership made a lasting impact from 2013 to 2023.

The Denise Amyot Bursary is more than just a tribute. It represents a commitment to upholding Denise’s legacy, characterized by inclusive and sustainable growth, and its profound impact on the college and institute system.

This bursary will support resilient and determined first-generation postsecondary students within CICan’s member institutions, specifically those who demonstrate leadership potential and financial need. It recognizes the unique challenges students face when they are the first in their family to pursue postsecondary education – individuals who, like Denise herself, experienced the transformative impact of postsecondary education in fostering career success and blazing a trail for those who come after them.

Denise hopes this bursary marks only the beginning of an ongoing leadership tradition. She aims to inspire future CEOs and the wider CICan community to establish similar bursaries, creating a legacy of support and opportunity.

With years of dedicated effort, Denise has already built an endowment of over $70,000 with her own personal contribution.

Join her in championing a future where education creates lasting change. Your contribution to the Denise Amyot Bursary will help sustain an annual bursary of $5,000.

All donors will receive a tax receipt for their charitable donation.