CICan Mentorship Program

The CICan Mentorship Program capitalizes on the expertise and experience of current and past leaders in post-secondary education to build capacity and drive knowledge within the college and institute system.

This unique mentorship program offers tailored opportunities for high level leadership development. It encourages mentors to share their accomplishments, their challenges and the lessons they have learned, while allowing mentees to deepen their knowledge, develop or sharpen their skills and confidence.

The program

The program pairs experienced college and institute presidents and directors general with those who are newer to their roles or those who want to work one-on-one with a mentor to address topics or challenges unique to their mandate.


Mentors have at least five years of experience at the head of a college or institute and are passionate about sharing knowledge to support new and existing leaders in their roles for the continued success of the post-secondary sector.


Mentees are either new to their role as the leader of a CICan member college or institute or have been in their role for a while and are eager to learn from and build relationships with more experienced colleagues and strengthen a sense of belonging to a peer group within the network.

Take advantage of the opportunity to share expertise and strengthen the college and institute system.

The success of mentoring relationships depends on trust and mutual respect and requires a personal investment from both sides. Mentoring relationships are voluntary commitments between participants, confidential and free of charge.