Mapping Skills for Success

Mapping Skills for Success help Canadians access and navigate skills enhancement opportunities to succeed in an evolving labour market. The program connects training providers with employers and learners to better understand what it takes to succeed in work, to ensure that curriculum aligns with workforce need, and to make that knowledge accessible to Canadians.

In particular, Mapping Skills for Success supports the implementation of Skills for Success, a framework developed by Employment Skills and Development Canada that identifies nine skills needed to participate and thrive in learning, work, and life.

The nine Skills for Success are Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Digital, Problem Solving, Communication, Adaptability, Collaboration, Creativity, and Innovation.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4
Quality Education
Goal 8
Decent Work and Economic Growth
We are Canada’s skills solution. Our national programs and projects give learners of all ages the tools to meet labour market needs and help drive economic growth. We work across all sectors and give learners accessible opportunities to learn new skills, strengthen the skills they already have, and put their skills to use in new ways.

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This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success program.