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Colleges and institutes strengthen Canada’s capacity to innovate by undertaking applied research projects that refine and adapt products, services, technologies, and processes.

They provide partners with the talent and state-of-the-art facilities needed to drive both economic and social gain. Discover over 150 innovation stories from colleges and institutes across the country.

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3D Asset Modification – Animated Character Brought to Life

Humber worked with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) to create models, animations, and environments that demonstrate AMD’s proprietary technology. Working with AMD, a team of... Read more

3D Cloud Design for Mining Hydraulics

A leading specialist in industrial drive and control technologies was contracted to manufacture and install a hydraulic system at the Ontario Graphite mine site in... Read more

3D Configuration Helps Sell Products

Real-time rendering on the web is still a relatively new technology. But it holds great potential for helping customers visualize products they are planning to... Read more

3D Imagery Helps Students Learn How to Give Needles

Health care students know that practice pays off when it comes to learning how to give a needle or insert an intravenous line. But what... Read more

3D Modeling in the Cloud

Creators of 3D digital graphics have a new cloud-based software option thanks to an applied research project undertaken by Seneca College researchers in partnership with... Read more

A barren patch of ground becomes a place to grow knowledge

Exposed soil — whether it’s left unprotected by farming, construction or industrial activity — has an increased risk of eroding. The environmental impact of erosion... Read more

A big problem for Little Harbour

In picturesque Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, the livelihoods and pastimes of residents are inextricably linked to the water. More than 650 permanent and seasonal homes,... Read more

A bit of research today keeps the doctor away — from the apples

Apples, the fruit that famously keeps the doctor away, are getting some help to keep away unwanted visitors themselves. Ontario’s apple trees are facing damage... Read more

A community-built response to improving access to education

Deciding on post-secondary education is a big step that can be particularly difficult for students who’ve grown up in areas with lower socio-economic status. To... Read more

A cool new way (literally!) to make ethanol

Biofuels, processed from agricultural waste and other living matter, have long been seen as a key element in providing cleaner energy and fighting global warming.... Read more

A Hub for Smart Energy Use

A small Nova Scotia company has gained a reputation for developing innovative, custom designed energy analysis software to improve energy efficiency. Launched in 2013, The... Read more

A Light of Hope at a Dark Time

Services for victims of crime have been multiplying in recent decades, as a kind of formalized compassion in the face of pain that was often... Read more

A mobile platform to keep patients safely in one place — home

When something goes wrong and patients have to return to hospital for the same problem in the month after they’ve been discharged, it takes a... Read more

A Posture Correction Aid for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair-bound patients in long-term care facilities often have discomfort from slouching and being unable to reposition themselves. And caregivers suffer from strain injuries trying to... Read more

A Precision Watering System for Turfgrass

Urban lawn watering is the single largest water demand on municipal water supplies. An Alberta company developing irrigation technology recognized that water scarcity and a... Read more

A Small Solution for a Big Cleaning Problem

Planes today that seat as many as 200 passengers have just two to four lavatories, which means they can get pretty dirty, pretty fast. But... Read more

A vest with sensations — the next fashion sensation

Entering a virtual reality world may soon be as easy as slipping on a life jacket with the development of ARAIG — a wearable wireless,... Read more

A voyage to the bottom of the sea — by sonar

Understanding the ocean, its creatures and possibilities requires understanding where it ends: the ocean floor. But mapping that remote territory is by no means easy.... Read more


Easy access to high-quality drinking water can be a challenge for people outside urban areas — and it was to improve that access that Aclarus... Read more

Advanced Material Development for Generation, Storage and Integration of Renewable Energy

As modern societies become more populous and a variety of new technologies, the need for advanced and novel materials has been widely recognized. This need... Read more

Aging in Place with Online Help

Helping seniors stay flexible and mobile is critical to their ability to live independently. A small Ontario company has been working with Sheridan College to... Read more