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A community-built response to improving access to education

Deciding on post-secondary education is a big step that can be particularly difficult for students who’ve grown up in areas with lower socio-economic status. To... Read more

A Light of Hope at a Dark Time

Services for victims of crime have been multiplying in recent decades, as a kind of formalized compassion in the face of pain that was often... Read more

Aging in Place with Online Help

Helping seniors stay flexible and mobile is critical to their ability to live independently. A small Ontario company has been working with Sheridan College to... Read more

Art, Science and Traditional Knowledge

Finding Understanding of the Thawing Northern Landscape In Canada’s north, climate change is not just manifested in more storms and hotter summers. As the world... Read more

Atlantic Canada Biorefinery Conference

The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) has focused on knowledge transfer and industry support to promote a prosperous bioeconomy in Atlantic Canada. In 2010 it... Read more

Bonding Children to School, Building Bonds to Their Futures

A solid foundation helps a structure last: it’s true of buildings and it’s true of education. The challenge for educators is to bond children more... Read more

Building a bridge to change: connecting post-secondary teachers and staff with student diversity

The population of post-secondary students is becoming increasingly diverse. Over time, colleges and universities have seen increasing numbers of students from diverse cultural, ethnic, and... Read more

Confronting Loneliness in Crowded Places

They might seem a world apart, busy college students and homeless people, drifting around the downtown streets of a big city, but many share a... Read more

Connecting Ideas in a Time of Transformation

Introducing all-day kindergarten was just a part of a massive transformation in early learning and child care in Ontario. From provincial governance to curriculum details... Read more

Cultivating a New Crop of Farmers

Farming, once a heritage, is becoming a lifestyle choice. Traditionally Québec’s farms, like others across the country, have been passed from parent to child, each... Read more

Dealing with Common Problems Over Uncommon Distance

Campuses in Montréal and Mexico Work for A Better Environment Education is supposed to leave an indelible legacy — but not in terms of a... Read more

Different People, Regular Roommates

Finding a roommate who’s a good fit is a relief for most of us. For people with intellectual disabilities, it could be a lifeline —... Read more

Easing Parenthood with an Internet Connection

A Toronto business woman, with an idea about connecting new parents with qualified and prescreened caregivers, wanted to develop an online search system that was... Read more

Evaluating Neighbourhood Policing

Relations between the public and their police are often strained these days — which has made finding a way to defuse tension and build trust... Read more

Evidence-Based Policing with the Help of Humber College

With their phone numbers out there and their BlackBerrys always in their hands, Toronto’s Neighbourhood Police Team members are just a call or a text... Read more

Exploring virtual reality in and out of the classroom

Today’s virtual reality technology has the potential to enhance the student learning experience in a multitude of ways. The Mohawk College research team wanted to... Read more

Giving young parents a chance to LEAP ahead

Life can be full of challenges for young parents. To help them manage, Ontario Works’ Learning, Earning, and Parenting (LEAP) program provides support to people... Read more

Going Deep in the Brain to Control Outward Attention

Two researchers at Collège Montmorency, in Laval, are introducing a new approach to helping students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — training them to... Read more

Harnessing Fun for Children with Disabilities

It sounds like a dream come true for kids everywhere — your parents want you to play your video game. It’s good for you. Perhaps... Read more

Improving BigBlueButton Online Learning

Seneca’s open technology developers, working in collaboration with Blindside Networks, have made significant contributions to the development of the BigBlueButton platform for distance education. Blindside... Read more

Is it a tool? Is it a toy? Tablets in very small hands

Showing very small children how to use a tool that was invented after you started teaching is not easy. How to do it in a... Read more