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Yukon University is the only publicly funded post-secondary education institution in Yukon, a territory of 36,000 inhabitants spread out over 482,000 square kilometers. The University has 11 community campuses – one in almost every town/village within the territory, with the main campus located in Whitehorse and one at the correctional centre. One quarter of the Yukon University student body takes courses at one of the community campuses. At the main campus – Ayamdigut – there are approximately 1,200 students registered in credit programming, half of which are part time. In Continuing Education there can be up to 5,000 students registered each year in short courses.

At Yukon University, the instructors teach with a northern perspective, offering over 50 programs, ranging from degrees to certificates to apprenticeships. Yukon University works closely with business and industry, developing programs designed to address labour force needs. The institution is a leader in education, rooted in its diverse cultures and northern environment where everyone is inspired to dream, learn and achieve.

Fast Facts

  • Yukon University is globally connected. With an international airport and regular flights to Germany, Yukon is home to large populations of Germans, Swiss, Filipinos, and French, among others.
  • Yukon Universitye takes pride in teaching with a northern perspective. We focus on climate change, Aboriginal self-determination, and resource development – all areas in which we excel.
  • We have deep indigenous roots. YukonU is a trailblazer when it comes to teaching and celebrating Aboriginal history, culture, traditional knowledge and values.
  • With 13 campuses, Yukon University is located in nearly every Yukon community, working locally to provide education and training in partnership with the local government, business and industries.
  • At our Ayamdigut campus in Whitehorse, Yukon University celebrates a dynamic campus life.

Our research specialization:

  • Climate Change
  • Northern energy innovation
  • Indigenous self determination
  • Northern mine remediation




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Yukon University is an integral part of Yukon communities. Across the territory, each community campus is the hub of social and educational activity for that location. In Whitehorse, Yukon University plays a role showcasing local and guest speakers, hosting national and international conferences, and providing space for festivals, music camps, kid’s camps and so much more. Out in the community Yukon University employees participate in a number of Yukon races – by boat, on foot, and by bike – ensuring the College spirit is out showing its support for the community.

Yukon University is an active participant in the communities across Yukon. We collaborate with business, industry and governments on programming, take an active part in events, undertake research focused on the North, and through the delivery of post-secondary education, contribute to the Yukon as one of the leaders in economic and social development.

Partner with Business and Community


The Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining is Yukon University’s one-stop, state-of-the-art trades training facility located in Whitehorse, Yukon. Founded in close co-operation with the territory’s government and business leaders, CNIM has developed innovative and flexible employment and career training to best suit Yukon labour needs. Our close access to working mine sites, reclamation and mineral exploration areas give students real-world experience. The training offered by CNIM allows Yukon residents, and those wanting to live and work in Yukon, access to a variety of learning opportunities that are nationally recognized and uniquely customized for the North. CNIM, through the Yukon Research Centre, conducts applied research to grow and improve the competitiveness of Yukon’s mining sector and its environmental sustainability.


Yukon University’s, Yukon Research Centre (YRC) partners with First Nation governments on a variety of projects. In one example, YRC has partnered with the Liard First Nation (LFN) to examine the drinking water quality in LFN traditional territory. LFN has directed YRC to establish base-line data on drinking water quality, access, and safety. Researchers have completed well water testing and ground and surface water mapping, and will survey community members about values, concerns, and practices related to drinking water. Research results will be used to guide LFN on water management planning for their citizens. This study will help to prioritize upgrades to infrastructure, inform citizens on water quality information, and guide LFN with the values and concerns of their citizens.

Support Indigenous Students

Yukon University requires every student to complete a Yukon First Nation core competency before graduating. All of Yukon University employees are required to complete this as well. This ensures that our students will graduate with a broad understanding of six key aspects of Yukon First Nations: history, heritage and culture, governance, residential schools, contemporary topics and world views.  First Nations culture and support for First Nations students is woven into the fabric of the institution. Yukon University works closely with a President’s Advisory Council on First Nations Initiatives. This active, engaged council advises YukonU on services and programming at Yukon University, ensuring that Yukon First Nations are appropriately represented and supported at the University. Yukon University is a gold medal winner in the CICan’s Indigenous Education Excellence award.

Date modified: 2020-08-17