Our Approach

In the context of our Roadmap to 2026 the strategic pillars Advocate, Build Capacity, Drive Knowledge, and Excel are repositioned as the means to impact, not the end goal. They are the way we support our members and the college and institute ecosystem, which in turn, supports the achievement of our mission and vision.


Position Canada’s publicly funded college and institutes as a public good and highlight our members’ unique strengths so that the college sector is recognized for its leading role in economic growth and social wellbeing and is funded to deliver solutions to national challenges.

Champion | Influence | Mobilize

  • promote the strengths of our members to national and international audiences
  • elevate the brand and reputation of the college sector as the source of solutions to pressing shared challenges
  • rally members around key challenges for national – and global – impact
  • monitor national & global issues to discern and manage impacts on the ecosystem

Build Capacity

Develop and strengthen the expertise of the Canadian college and institute ecosystem to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Convene | Engage | Leverage

  • increase member interaction throughout the ecosystem, at the national, regional and local level
  • provide leadership development, learning opportunities and key resources to members to thrive in changing landscapes
  • support expertise building for members via national and international networks
  • develop program opportunities for members through diverse funding

Drive Knowledge

Generate evidence and mobilize Canadian college and institute knowledge to improve the livelihoods of communities in Canada and abroad and to share new ideas for addressing shared challenges.

Research | Disseminate | Demonstrate

  • lead and share knowledge development on the ecosystem by gathering existing knowledge, bridging research gaps, and anticipating and addressing future knowledge needs
  • champion evidence-based decision-making and future planning
  • be a national and global thought leader in generating and mobilizing, cutting edge knowledge about the unique strengths and impact of Canada’s college and institute ecosystem
  • identify and share opportunities for growth and partnership


Be a learning and high-performing organization that continuously improves and adapts to meeting the emerging needs of its members and staff.

Focus | Integrate | Anticipate

  • lead with a unified and aligned vision to provide high-impact and high-quality services for members
  • monitor, anticipate and respond to members’ needs to support the system sustainability and impact
  • commit to employee wellbeing to foster innovation, productivity, growth and retention
  • integrate best practices for governance, management and planning excellence