What We Heard

In 2023 and early 2024, CICan conducted consultations with members, the Board of Directors, regional and provincial college associations, and staff to better orient our direction. From those consultations came several key takeaways.

As an association, CICan must:

  • Continue providing high value to member institutions through federal advocacy, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and leadership development – particularly during times of disruption and uncertainty.
  • Pursue ambitious yet targeted goals, strategically understanding member needs and leveraging their expertise.
  • Engage with federal stakeholders in a sustained and strategic manner to ensure a broad understanding of college-and-institute-led solutions to the challenges facing Canadians such as housing, climate action, growth and productivity, and the care economy, leading to effective policy dialogue, program development and investment.
  • Modernize member services to respond to current and evolving needs and convene colleges leaders around areas of shared institutional challenges such as: operational sustainability, faculty renewal and program innovation; reconciliation and Indigenous education; the implications of artificial intelligence on the post-secondary landscape; capital development and fundraising; remote and rural education access and delivery; and campus debates on social and geopolitical issues.
  • Gather deep intelligence and system-level data and trends to aid members in navigating changing national and international landscapes.
  • Promote the value-add role of colleges and institutes in driving research and development partnerships with local industry and creating a job-ready workforce in high-demand sectors of Canada’s future economy.
  • Emphasize the social role of colleges and institutes in educating informed and engaged citizens of Canada – and the world.
  • Increase member collaboration and information sharing on global issues and opportunities to make a positive impact.