Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)’s Perspectives Podcast explores the dynamic world of Canada’s colleges and institutes. We discuss the latest challenges and opportunities shaping post-secondary education and explore the multitude of ways colleges and institutes are creating lasting change and fostering better futures for individuals, communities, and the planet.


May 6, 2024

The Time is Now for Colleges and Institutes

Pari Johnston's Keynote at CICan's 2024 Connection Conference. In her keynote at CICan's 2024 Connection Conference, Pari Johnston, President and CEO of CICan declared that the time is now for colleges and institutes. She emphasized their crucial roles as educators, innovators, and trusted partners in communities across Canada and the...
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December 11, 2023

Introducing Pari Johnston, CICan’s new President and CEO

Join us on the latest episode of CICan's podcast as we welcome and introduce our new President and CEO, Pari Johnston. Pari's candid and charismatic approach sets the tone for this lively conversation as she guides us through her personal and professional journey, including her career hallmark of driving impact...
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October 13, 2023

A Farewell Conversation with Denise Amyot, Reflecting on the Past and Embracing the Future

Join us in this special podcast episode as we sit down with Denise Amyot, the visionary leader who has shaped the path of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) over the past ten years. In this intimate and reflective conversation, Denise shares her insights, reflections, and cherished memories, delving into noteworthy...
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September 19, 2023

Partnership means we maximize our contributions to lasting change (SDG 17) 

To celebrate Global Goals Week (#GlobalGoals), a week-long celebration focused on maximizing our collective impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals, we’re bringing to you a special edition podcast to reflect on a unique CICan project: ImpAct. In 2019, CICan launched ImpAct, a national initiative funded by the McConnell Foundation to not...
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May 16, 2023

From Hurdles to Breakthroughs: The Role of College and Institute Applied Research in Canadian Innovation #CIW2023

To celebrate Canadian Innovation Week (#CIW23), a five-day celebration powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation that recognizes ingenuity across Canada, we're bringing you a special edition podcast discussing colleges and institutes' vital role in advancing Canadian innovation. Our guests dive into the dynamic realm of applied research within Canada's college...
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March 8, 2023

Celebrate #IWD2023 with us!

International Women’s Day (IWD) is all about celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women from around the world. It also calls on us all to work together to further progress gender equality. How can each one of us help raise awareness about issues impacting women’s equality, take a...
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September 16, 2022

50 Years of International Partnerships

In this episode of our 50th anniversary podcast, we’re talking about the extensive work our members do internationally. Colleges and institutes have been working overseas since CICan’s founding in the 1970s. Our international programs continue to showcase and champion the capacity and reputation of Canadian colleges and institutes worldwide.
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July 22, 2022

Origins and Early Challenges

The first in our 50th anniversary podcast series! Take a trip back in time as we speak to the people who helped shape CICan and witnessed first-hand the growth of Canada’s college system. This episode featuring Terry Anne Boyles, our former Vice-President and one of the earliest staff members; Robert...
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