May 16, 2023

From Hurdles to Breakthroughs: The Role of College and Institute Applied Research in Canadian Innovation #CIW2023

Episode Summary

To celebrate Canadian Innovation Week (#CIW23), a five-day celebration powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation that recognizes ingenuity across Canada, we’re bringing you a special edition podcast discussing colleges and institutes’ vital role in advancing Canadian innovation.

Our guests dive into the dynamic realm of applied research within Canada’s college and institute system. They explore the unique qualities that set college applied research apart and its profound impact on students, businesses, and communities across the country. They also share some practical advice for colleges and institutes looking to develop or expand their applied research programs and share inspiring stories of innovation that showcase how this work creates lasting change and fosters better futures for individuals, communities, and the planet.

Join us as we spotlight colleges and institutes’ remarkable contributions to Canadian innovation during #CIW2023 and beyond.

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