Virtu-WIL provides healthcare students in nursing, medical laboratory technologies, paramedicine and sonography with access to new, innovative work-integrated learning opportunities through virtual simulations.

In collaboration with Simulation Canada and with colleges and institutes from across the country, Virtu-WIL enhances healthcare education and offers students innovative work-integrated learning opportunities. It also creates sustainable, collaborative partnerships between post-secondary institutions, employers, and suppliers of technology.

Access the collection! Educators and leaners across Canada can now freely access 190 new virtual simulations designed to give students in nursing, medical laboratory sciences, paramedicine, and sonography innovative hands-on learning experiences.
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Over 5,000 students have completed training using virtual simulations in nursing, medical laboratory sciences, paramedicine, and sonography through Virtu-WIL.


43 colleges and institutes across Canada have participated in the delivery of the Virtu-WIL program. Contact us for support in integrating virtual simulations into your programs.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Reduced Inequalities
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Virtu-WIL is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) through the Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative.