Impact by the Numbers: facts and stats on Canadian colleges and institutes

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With nearly 700 locations across Canada, we are where Canadians are. Over 95% of people in Canada, including 86% of Indigenous people, live within 50km of one of our many locations. Together, we are Canada's largest, most dynamic post-secondary network, mobilizing to bring solutions to Canada's biggest challenges. Everything we do is about making lasting change and creating better futures for people, communities, and the planet.

of people in Canada living with 50km of a college and institute

System as a Whole

of Canadians live within 50 kilometers of a public college, institute, cégep, or polytechnic
Source: Internal research
programs are offered in our membership across various sectors
college enrolments in across Canada (2021/22)

Boosting Innovation

We are research and innovation powerhouses, driving impact through partnership. We provide businesses access to state-of-the-art facilities, specialized equipment and technical experts to find innovative solutions to practical problems – and do so quickly – contributing to Canada’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

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Partners on applied research projects annually
Applied research projects annually
New processes, products, prototypes and services achieved


Applied Research at Colleges and Institutes

2021-2022 National Survey

From Hurdles to Breakthroughs: The Role of College and Institute Applied Research in Canadian Innovation

Growing Talent for the 21st Century

From microcredentials to degrees, we train and upskill resilient, adaptable, and diverse learners. Our hands-on, experience-based learning equips learners with the high-demand skills needed for Canada’s future economy and for social well-being.

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Businesses partner with a postsecondary institution to participate in work-integrated learning
Canadians working today are college and institute graduates
Over half of college enrolments are women (2021/22)

Building Campuses of the Future

Colleges and institutes are constantly reimagining their infrastructure to advance learning and meet future needs, all while pushing the boundaries of eco-design and cutting-edge technology for greener campuses.

invested in infrastructure projects in last three years
Source: CICan Survey, 2023
planned infrastructure projects
Source: CICan Survey, 2023
of planned infrastructure projects will serve spaces shared with local communities
Source: CICan Survey, 2023

Deepening Global Engagement

Colleges and institutes greatly appreciate international students for their significant contributions to our classrooms, communities and the economy. By offering quality education and comprehensive support services, we empower international students to unlock their full potential. Globally, we help countries adapt their training and education to meet the needs of local labour markets, communities and learners and promote knowledge exchange with Canadian communities

of all post-secondary study permit holders attend a publicly funded Canadian college or institute
Source: CICan calculations based on IRCC data on processed study permits
members participate in international development projects
Source: Internal Research

Accelerating Reconciliation

As the primary post-secondary providers for Indigenous learners, we actively engage Indigenous communities across the country to remove barriers to education and promote a culture of respect and inclusion.

credentialed programs tailored to Indigenous learners and communities
Source: Internal Research
of Indigenous Peoples live within 50km of a college campus or service centre
Source: Internal Research

Advancing Sustainability

We anticipate the future needs of our green growth and champion learning approaches and innovative technology development that address national challenges like climate change and the transition to a net-zero economy.

Nearly 1000 programs delivering sustainability-focused training
Source: Internal Research
applied research projects with a green impact
Source: CICan survey 2021


Are We Ready?

Climate-focused Curricula, Applied Research, and Campus Infrastructure in the College and Institute Sector

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