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Colleges and institutes strengthen Canada’s capacity to innovate by undertaking applied research projects that refine and adapt products, services, technologies, and processes.

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A bit of research today keeps the doctor away — from the apples

Apples, the fruit that famously keeps the doctor away, are getting some help to keep away unwanted visitors themselves. Ontario’s apple trees are facing damage... Read more

A Precision Watering System for Turfgrass

Urban lawn watering is the single largest water demand on municipal water supplies. An Alberta company developing irrigation technology recognized that water scarcity and a... Read more

Agroforestry Extraction

The emerging bioeconomy is providing promising new opportunities for the development of new products from forestry and agriculture biomass. While significant progress has been made... Read more

Animal Semen Sexing

Being able to determine the sex of animal offspring is of significant value for animal producers, and offers opportunities for research to develop new commercial... Read more

Aqua Greens – From Seed to Restaurant

In a contest of whether Humber College or fish were more important in the success of Aqua Greens, a company that supplies organic greens to... Read more

Art, Science and Traditional Knowledge

Finding Understanding of the Thawing Northern Landscape In Canada’s north, climate change is not just manifested in more storms and hotter summers. As the world... Read more

Biological Pest Control for B.C. Blueberries

Huge numbers of insect predators and parasitoids are reared each year by the biological control industry to control agricultural insect pests in greenhouses. Although more... Read more

Crop Inputs – Are there economic limits?

Does a producer’s net profit increase continually each time more inputs are added to the crop? This question is the focus of a four-year research... Read more

Cultivating a New Crop of Farmers

Farming, once a heritage, is becoming a lifestyle choice. Traditionally Québec’s farms, like others across the country, have been passed from parent to child, each... Read more

Diagnosing the Health of Honey Bees

Concerns about declining bee populations in North America have been major news in the past couple of years as many beekeepers have suffered large losses... Read more

Finding new ways to use an old crop: Jerusalem artichokes bloom again

You may know Jerusalem artichokes primarily as the towering yellow daisies that overflow gardens in August and September; for Alberta startup NovaGreen, their value lies... Read more

Greenhouse Lighting for Winter Growing

Strong consumer demand for locally grown produce has created economic opportunities to develop lighting and heating technologies that allow vegetables to be grown year-round. The... Read more

Growing Hedgerows that Produce Food

Every year, winter wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour damage or destroy winter grain crops in the river plain along the St... Read more

Helping Beekeepers Mind Their Own Beeswax

Neil Bertram, owner of Bertram Honey Ltd., was ready to move past the mess and expense of current technologies for beeswax extraction. With market demand... Read more

Looking for a Way to Nurture Systems to Feeds Us

Agricultural land is an irreplaceable natural resource and we are not looking after it as we should, according to Kent Mullinix, director of the Institute for Sustainable... Read more

Not paving, but paradise — creating an organic garden

White Oaks Resort and Spa in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, wanted to convert 1,152 square feet of its property from grass into a sustainable... Read more

Parisian Pastries from Prairie Pulses

The rich food value of dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas has been known for centuries — their collective name, “pulses”, comes from puls, a... Read more

Precision Agriculture and Environmental Technologies

Dr. Mike Duncan knows all about the promise and potential benefits of combining agriculture and “big data”. For the past six years, he has worked... Read more

Protection of Organic Crops

Some perennial weeds are so invasive that they can significantly reduce the production capacity of organic farms. Dr. Anne Weill, Industrial Research Chair at Cégep... Read more

Raising Fish to Grow Good Gardens

The results of one of Lethbridge College’s most delicious applied research projects can be found in restaurants throughout southern Alberta – produce grown in a... Read more

Sharing the fruits of research: studying the state of the apple industry in the Okanagan

The amount of land in the Okanagan Valley dedicated to growing apples dropped by 35 per cent between 2001 and 2011 — a shift that... Read more