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A big problem for Little Harbour

In picturesque Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, the livelihoods and pastimes of residents are inextricably linked to the water. More than 650 permanent and seasonal homes,... Read more

A voyage to the bottom of the sea — by sonar

Understanding the ocean, its creatures and possibilities requires understanding where it ends: the ocean floor. But mapping that remote territory is by no means easy.... Read more

Agroforestry Extraction

The emerging bioeconomy is providing promising new opportunities for the development of new products from forestry and agriculture biomass. While significant progress has been made... Read more

Cloud Mapping for Forestry Planning

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of forestry resources is moving from desktop to the cloud with assistance from Selkirk College. Selkirk College’s Geospatial Research Centre... Read more

Conversion of Marine Macroalgae

The industrial use of marine algae is a huge and growing market feeding large industries, mainly in Asia and Europe. Canada has all the elements... Read more

Passive Treatment of Leachates from Forestry Waste

Wood waste from the Quebec forest industry is often stored in large piles that can degrade the soil under and around the stockpiles. Forestry researchers... Read more

Planning for Sustainable Salmon Aquaculture

Fish farmers and fisheries experts are working together to monitor the effects of aquaculture on the ocean floor with the help of researchers from North... Read more

Students add flare to a foodie favorite

Longshore Fisheries is a family-owned lobster fishery that employs most of the residents in Sonora, Nova Scotia — but it is just one of over... Read more

Sustainable Aquaculture

Dr. Stephen Cross, Research Chair in Sustainable Aquaculture at North Island College, has been involved with aquaculture development and research in Canada since 1985. He... Read more

Tackling the Effects of Climate Change on B.C. Forests

Climate change is having a discernible impact on the forests of British Columbia and is one of the biggest challenges facing the forest industry today.... Read more

Using Wood Ash as Fertilizer

For decades, the forestry industry has operated under difficult financial conditions, and little attention has been given to potential innovations and research opportunities. This has... Read more

Wave Energy Research

College researchers in Burin, Newfoundland are experimenting with wave energy to develop a pump that could provide water for aquaculture operations inland. The College of... Read more