Cloud Mapping for Forestry Planning

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of forestry resources is moving from desktop to the cloud with assistance from Selkirk College.

Selkirk College’s Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC) conducts applied research, develops applications, and delivers Selkirk’s Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of GIS programs. The research centre has experience developing sophisticated web-based map services. A local forestry software company, Valhalla, approached SGRC for assistance expanding its suite of software designed to help the British Columbia forest industry to manage harvesting operations, production and sales of lumber to domestic and international markets.

The software can run on both the desktop and in the cloud. Valhalla has customized its software for forest operators in southeastern B.C., however, core elements have applications that could be used across the global forest industry. Forestry instructors are working closely with BOS Forestry and research team members to model forest workflows and identify where geospatial software tools could add value.

“This joint project with the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre has provided a great opportunity to engage with our industry advisory group, staff and faculty at the college to enhance the geospatial aspects of our technology roadmap and development plans for BOS Forestry,” says Grant Sutherland, CEO of BOS Forestry.

The project required a development server that collaborators and BOS clients could all access. Fortunately, the SGRC was able to use the free services in the DAIR cloud. As part of the CANARIE system, DAIR provides excellent bandwidth as well as built-in tools and resources. This is the SGRC’s first exposure to development in the cloud. As software applications move to the cloud, this experience will equip SGRC researchers and Selkirk GIS instructors for the future.

Partner(s): BOS Forestry
Funded by: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant

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