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Colleges and institutes strengthen Canada’s capacity to innovate by undertaking applied research projects that refine and adapt products, services, technologies, and processes.

They provide partners with the talent and state-of-the-art facilities needed to drive both economic and social gain. Discover over 150 innovation stories from colleges and institutes across the country.

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3D Asset Modification – Animated Character Brought to Life

Humber worked with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) to create models, animations, and environments that demonstrate AMD’s proprietary technology. Working with AMD, a team of... Read more

3D Configuration Helps Sell Products

Real-time rendering on the web is still a relatively new technology. But it holds great potential for helping customers visualize products they are planning to... Read more

3D Modeling in the Cloud

Creators of 3D digital graphics have a new cloud-based software option thanks to an applied research project undertaken by Seneca College researchers in partnership with... Read more

A mobile platform to keep patients safely in one place — home

When something goes wrong and patients have to return to hospital for the same problem in the month after they’ve been discharged, it takes a... Read more

A vest with sensations — the next fashion sensation

Entering a virtual reality world may soon be as easy as slipping on a life jacket with the development of ARAIG — a wearable wireless,... Read more

A voyage to the bottom of the sea — by sonar

Understanding the ocean, its creatures and possibilities requires understanding where it ends: the ocean floor. But mapping that remote territory is by no means easy.... Read more

An Android App for Better Energy Use

Lambton College has partnered with global startup Liricco Technologies Ltd. to develop a new android application that can help users save energy. Liricco’s Valta line... Read more

An animated conversation — with no words

The global marketplace presents many challenges to Canadian companies. How, for example, do you boil complex molecular science down for the layman — without using... Read more

Asset and Inventory Management System

Keeping track of the conditions of the thousands of poles, holes, signs and lights that line the streets of cities and towns — keeping track... Read more

Bridging the gap between parking management and technology

Drivers with smart cars and smart phones are looking for smarter parking spots, and Precise ParkLink is working to meet that demand. Precise ParkLink is... Read more

Building a bridge to change: connecting post-secondary teachers and staff with student diversity

The population of post-secondary students is becoming increasingly diverse. Over time, colleges and universities have seen increasing numbers of students from diverse cultural, ethnic, and... Read more

Cloud Mapping for Forestry Planning

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of forestry resources is moving from desktop to the cloud with assistance from Selkirk College. Selkirk College’s Geospatial Research Centre... Read more

Cloud-based Software for Connected Wellness

Seneca College’s Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) and NexJ, a leading provider of cloud-based software for customer relationship management, have been working together... Read more

Connecting Link2Feed to Collective Impact Platforms

Link2Feed is a Sarnia-based company that has created software to help food banks and other non-profits across North America (including Sarnia’s Inn of the Good... Read more

Creating an Eternal Journey

Over the past 40 years, the video game industry has grown from relative obscurity to a multibillion dollar global business. Green Pixel is a small... Read more

Designing Mobile Software Systems That Help Cities and Residents Address Life-Critical Needs

Trying to get important information through your phone is tough enough — it’s even more awkward when it’s crammed onto your screen, because the web... Read more

Developing an Interactive Thriller Video Game

A Montreal company has created a new form of game combining the narrative of movies with the video game experience of being the hero of... Read more

Easing Parenthood with an Internet Connection

A Toronto business woman, with an idea about connecting new parents with qualified and prescreened caregivers, wanted to develop an online search system that was... Read more

Enhancing Sales Efficiency with Mobile Computing

Sales representatives in many companies rely on simple note-taking and observation in the field. However, advances in mobile computing and highspeed networks provide significant opportunities... Read more

Evidence-Based Policing with the Help of Humber College

With their phone numbers out there and their BlackBerrys always in their hands, Toronto’s Neighbourhood Police Team members are just a call or a text... Read more

Exploring virtual reality in and out of the classroom

Today’s virtual reality technology has the potential to enhance the student learning experience in a multitude of ways. The Mohawk College research team wanted to... Read more