Cloud-based Software for Connected Wellness

Seneca College’s Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) and NexJ, a leading provider of cloud-based software for customer relationship management, have been working together on projects since 2009. The partnership began with Seneca developers creating several software adapters to enable the connection of the NexJ Express Server to implemented databases.

Impressed with the centre’s work, NexJ approached its researchers again when they started working on expanding NexJ Connected Wellness, a cloud-based platform for empowering patients to manage their own health and wellness. Using Bluetooth technology, CDOT researchers created mobile applications that would enable medical devices to transfer data directly to a patient’s smartphone and then send it to a personal health record.

These successful projects led to a recent collaboration that involves an entirely different area of the company’s work. Chris Tyler, Seneca’s Industrial Research Chair in Open Technology, is using his expertise in large-scale automated testing, deployment and management systems to help NexJ’s streamline their software deployment cycle.

“NexJ has benefited from close collaboration with CDOT on multiple projects over the past five years, and continues to collaborate on open source technologies,” says Ken Ono, Vice President of Innovation and Commercialization at NexJ Systems. “These collaborations have led to product improvements, technology innovation, and talent acquisition opportunities. The new collaboration between NexJ’s healthcare and finance product teams and Seneca’s IRCC applied research program will allow us to improve our competitiveness in a fast-moving marketplace.”

Partner(s): NexJ Systems

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