Electric Vehicle Research

As more electric cars are purchased by energy-conscious consumers, there is a need for information about who is buying them and how often they need to re-charge them.

Georgian College is delivering a range of education and applied research services related to electricity use, energy distribution, and grid performance. With a new four bay solar-assisted charging station and a sophisticated monitoring and control system, the college is collaborating with industry to accelerate the delivery of new products and services. It is also researching ways to optimize energy use and distribution.

One of the initiatives undertaken by faculty and students at the college is the electric vehicle research project. Researchers are investigating consumer trends in purchasing plug-in electric vehicles, as well as the true costs and benefits of vehicle operation. Georgian researchers are analyzing consumer surveys and existing data as well as field testing plug-in electric vehicles. Using this information, they will model the impact of the plug-in electric vehicle market and identify opportunities for business and the electrical utility sector.

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