Technology Cuts Paramedic Response Time

“In a medical emergency, seconds count,” says Terence Kuehn, CEO of Interdev Technologies.

Interdev is a leading developer of solutions for emergency medical services. One of their products is a dispatch interface for the computer tablets used by paramedics called iMedic ePCR. Using GPS positioning, the technology sends the address of a call to the tablets more quickly than current standards.

“This system can cut 60 to 90 seconds off response time, so that’s a significant reduction,” says Kuehn.

Centennial College Information and Communication Engineering Technology Department and Interdev have worked together to test and improve a prototype.

“We wanted it to be groundbreaking and leading-edge,” says Kuehn. “The students provided us with fresh thinking and ways to enhance the software and user interaction with the technology.”

Interdev has secured contracts to implement the system across Ontario.

To help bring the technology to the field, the company hired one of the students from Centennial’s Computer Programmer Analyst program.

“I worked on many projects while studying at Centennial, but it’s different when you’re on a real-life project,” says Maria Seastres. “It will affect people, and could even save lives. That’s when I came to develop a real appreciation for what I learned in school and how it can be applied in the real world.”

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