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A barren patch of ground becomes a place to grow knowledge

Exposed soil — whether it’s left unprotected by farming, construction or industrial activity — has an increased risk of eroding. The environmental impact of erosion... Read more

A Hub for Smart Energy Use

A small Nova Scotia company has gained a reputation for developing innovative, custom designed energy analysis software to improve energy efficiency. Launched in 2013, The... Read more


Easy access to high-quality drinking water can be a challenge for people outside urban areas — and it was to improve that access that Aclarus... Read more

Advanced Material Development for Generation, Storage and Integration of Renewable Energy

As modern societies become more populous and a variety of new technologies, the need for advanced and novel materials has been widely recognized. This need... Read more

Aqua Greens – From Seed to Restaurant

In a contest of whether Humber College or fish were more important in the success of Aqua Greens, a company that supplies organic greens to... Read more

Assessing Heat Stress in Solar Panels

Heat trapped under solar energy panels is reported to reduce the energy production of rooftop installations of photovoltaic panels. Georgian College researchers are analyzing existing... Read more

Electric Vehicle Research

As more electric cars are purchased by energy-conscious consumers, there is a need for information about who is buying them and how often they need... Read more

Feeling better about what goes down the drain

Blue Planet Environmental is an Ontario-based company that has developed an advanced wastewater treatment for both residential and commercial use. The company approached the Centre... Read more

Floating islands — first responders in water reuse

Too much of anything can be bad, we’re told, and it’s certainly true of nutrients in water. Too many nutrients in rivers, lakes and ponds... Read more

Focused on power: researching a bright new way to use the sun’s energy

Focusing energy increases productivity: it’s true for people, so no surprise it’s true for the sun, as a unique device called a solar concentrator demonstrates.... Read more

Growing Microalgae for Biofuel

Green algae harvested from Nova Scotia shores are being used by a local entrepreneur to produce biofuel for industrial use. And Nova Scotia Community College... Read more

Hands-on work on remote control

Off-the-grid technology can present a problem for operators when it’s also out-of-reach. Toronto’s Clear Blue Technologies Inc. has more than two decades of experience in... Read more

Manmade Vortexes for Electricity

The Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE), now being tested by Lambton College researchers, has potential to produce vast quantities of carbon-free electricity using low temperature waste... Read more

Nano-engineering for Better Smartphone Batteries

Nano-engineered materials are a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative for many Canadian manufacturers. They make it possible to tailor the structure and morphology of materials at a... Read more

Optimizing Commercial Potential of Green Energy

The Lambton College Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage (RECSR) project is focused on the development of an integrated, modular hybrid renewable energy system with the... Read more

Power Conservation for Traffic Detection Sensors

You see them along every highway – traffic counting monitors collecting data essential for city and highway planning. Many of them are powered by solar... Read more

Remote Monitoring for Microhydro Sites

BlueStreak Equipment Inc. designs and manufactures micro-hydro turbines and develops micro-hydro sites. These small hydro producing sites are scattered across Ontario and daily visits to... Read more

Repairing the riparian area — riverbank rejuvenation in Vermilion

Lakeland College’s Vermilion campus was founded in 1913 as an agricultural school and is surrounded by land used for studying and researching farming. In addition... Read more

Smart Grid Technology

The main challenges facing utilities today include aging infrastructure and equipment, continuing increases in renewable energy generation and coordination of this “distributed” form of power... Read more

Sustainable Energy Technology and Energy Efficiency

Since its foundation, the Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Sustainable Energy Technology and Energy Efficiency (TERRE) at the Cégep de Jonquière has carried out... Read more

Take heat, be cool

Take heat, be cool. Sounds like a line from a jazz standard, but it’s also a description of solar absorption cooling — a method of... Read more