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A barren patch of ground becomes a place to grow knowledge

Exposed soil — whether it’s left unprotected by farming, construction or industrial activity — has an increased risk of eroding. The environmental impact of erosion... Read more

A big problem for Little Harbour

In picturesque Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, the livelihoods and pastimes of residents are inextricably linked to the water. More than 650 permanent and seasonal homes,... Read more

A cool new way (literally!) to make ethanol

Biofuels, processed from agricultural waste and other living matter, have long been seen as a key element in providing cleaner energy and fighting global warming.... Read more

A Precision Watering System for Turfgrass

Urban lawn watering is the single largest water demand on municipal water supplies. An Alberta company developing irrigation technology recognized that water scarcity and a... Read more


Easy access to high-quality drinking water can be a challenge for people outside urban areas — and it was to improve that access that Aclarus... Read more

Applied Mineralogy

The mining sector of Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced significant growth in the past decade. While extraction projects are the source of major investment, exploration... Read more

Battling Arctic weather to test climate change monitoring equipment

Temperatures are warming in the Arctic much faster than in other parts of the planet, and are having a serious impact on Northern Canadian ways... Read more

Cleaning up Contamination at Mine Sites

Bioremediation is a promising technique that can assist in mine closure and reduce heavy metal contamination of mine sites. Yukon College researchers have been working... Read more

Cleaning up Mine Water Contaminated by Cyanide

Cyanide has been widely used in gold mining to separate gold from ore. However, cyanide contaminates water and water tables in and around a mining... Read more

Coming together to separate oil and water

After the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, it was clear to Mark, Stephen and Michael Neal that it was time to revive... Read more

Cool work with hydrogen

A lot of effort has gone into discovering the holy grail of zero-emission fuel — and that’s where the promise of hydrogen comes in. A... Read more

Dark Laser Detects Nano Particles of Oil in Water

NAIT’s Nanotechnology Centre for Applied Research, Industry Training and Services (NanoCARTS) was established in 2012 with a Technology Access Centre grant from the Natural Science Engineering... Read more

Dealing with Common Problems Over Uncommon Distance

Campuses in Montréal and Mexico Work for A Better Environment Education is supposed to leave an indelible legacy — but not in terms of a... Read more

Eco-Friendly Clean-Up of Old Gas Station Sites

Cleaning up contaminated soil at former gas station sites is fraught with hurdles. Traditional remediation methods involve excavating impacted soils and moving them to a... Read more

Feeling better about what goes down the drain

Blue Planet Environmental is an Ontario-based company that has developed an advanced wastewater treatment for both residential and commercial use. The company approached the Centre... Read more

Floating Fence Skims Oil Spills from Lake and River Water

A floating fence being tested and refined at SAIT Polytechnic offers new potential for making a difference in oil spill clean-up. The XBOOM hydrocarbon containment... Read more

Floating islands — first responders in water reuse

Too much of anything can be bad, we’re told, and it’s certainly true of nutrients in water. Too many nutrients in rivers, lakes and ponds... Read more

Focused on power: researching a bright new way to use the sun’s energy

Focusing energy increases productivity: it’s true for people, so no surprise it’s true for the sun, as a unique device called a solar concentrator demonstrates.... Read more

Growing Microalgae for Biofuel

Green algae harvested from Nova Scotia shores are being used by a local entrepreneur to produce biofuel for industrial use. And Nova Scotia Community College... Read more

Innovative Oil Spill Clean-up

Oil and gas spills have the potential to do serious harm in aquatic environments. Containing and collecting oil quickly can reduce the drastic effects of... Read more

Intelligent Geo-composites for Treating Oil Sands Tailings

Waste management is a major environmental challenge of recent rapid oil sands development. Residues created by oil sand extraction are made up of 70 to... Read more