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A big problem for Little Harbour

In picturesque Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, the livelihoods and pastimes of residents are inextricably linked to the water. More than 650 permanent and seasonal homes,... Read more

A bit of research today keeps the doctor away — from the apples

Apples, the fruit that famously keeps the doctor away, are getting some help to keep away unwanted visitors themselves. Ontario’s apple trees are facing damage... Read more

Biological Pest Control for B.C. Blueberries

Huge numbers of insect predators and parasitoids are reared each year by the biological control industry to control agricultural insect pests in greenhouses. Although more... Read more

Catering with a Conscience

As a successful business that caters thousands of meals each year, Café Belong found that the potential for waste was very high. While plastic single... Read more

DNA Research Safeguards Beer Brands

Yeast’s ability to convert sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide is critical to the beer-making process. So when Saskatoon’s Great Western Brewing Company (GWBC) set... Read more

From the Restaurant to Your Kitchen

Scaccia is a family owned Italian restaurant in downtown Toronto. Their signature dish is the “scaccia” itself – a variety of delicious, healthy vegetables, cheeses,... Read more

Gluten-free Turkeys from Freezer to Oven

Two new turkey products have been introduced to retail stores in the Prairies thanks to testing and tasting at Red River College’s School of Hospitality... Read more

Greek Spoon Sweets with Local Fruit

In preparation for opening a Greek yogurt bar in Toronto, an Ontario food company wanted to develop a Canadian version of a Mediterranean spoon sweet,... Read more

Growing Hedgerows that Produce Food

Every year, winter wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour damage or destroy winter grain crops in the river plain along the St... Read more

Integrating kosher and food-safety guidelines

While there is much overlap between kosher and food safety programs, they have been kept markedly separate. Until now — thanks to the Kashruth Council... Read more

Looking for a Way to Nurture Systems to Feeds Us

Agricultural land is an irreplaceable natural resource and we are not looking after it as we should, according to Kent Mullinix, director of the Institute for Sustainable... Read more

MADD About Craft-Brewed Lager

The idea for an authentic-tasting but alcohol-free lager was conceived by a Toronto company that sells a full line of alcohol-free drinks and donates a... Read more

Not paving, but paradise — creating an organic garden

White Oaks Resort and Spa in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, wanted to convert 1,152 square feet of its property from grass into a sustainable... Read more

Parisian Pastries from Prairie Pulses

The rich food value of dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas has been known for centuries — their collective name, “pulses”, comes from puls, a... Read more

Returning to Traditional Knowledge for Solutions to Modern Problems

In Northern Québec, just inland from James Bay, stands the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, a new home for an ancient people. The history that brought... Read more

Sharing the fruits of research: studying the state of the apple industry in the Okanagan

The amount of land in the Okanagan Valley dedicated to growing apples dropped by 35 per cent between 2001 and 2011 — a shift that... Read more

Students add flare to a foodie favorite

Longshore Fisheries is a family-owned lobster fishery that employs most of the residents in Sonora, Nova Scotia — but it is just one of over... Read more

Testing and Tasting New Cheese Flavours

Tasting a new cheese flavour before it is available in stores is one of the benefits of being a researcher at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen (CSK)... Read more

Vegan Alfredo Sauce gets a New Lease on Life

Nona Vegan Foods was founded to accommodate the often challenging act of balancing a nourishing vegan diet with hectic schedules. The company’s standout product was... Read more

Waste not, want not: Red River College and local microbreweries take an innovative approach to leftovers

Who knew there’s more to beer leftovers than what lingers in the bottom of a stubby at the end of a party? Red River College... Read more