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A wide variety of programs, small class sizes, and plenty of hands-on learning: these are some of the reasons that students from all across Canada choose to come to Prince Edward Island’s community college, Holland College. The college offers more than 60 programs in a wide variety of areas including culinary, policing, marine training, applied sciences and engineering technology, trades and industrial technology, health and community services, communications and media studies, computer studies, business studies, sport and leisure studies, performing arts, and tourism in 13 campuses and centres across the province. Holland College has 90+ degree pathways with universities and institutes across the country and around the world.

Fast Facts

  • 97% of our graduates are employed one year after graduation.
  • About 35% of our students are from out of province. 65% of our graduates remain in the province, many of them are students who came from out of province.
  • Why are we called Holland College, if we’re in P.E.I.? Holland College is named after Samuel Holland, a highly-esteemed 18th century surveyor who had strong ties to P.E.I.
  • Every year, deserving Holland College students receive more than $500,000 in scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

Our research specialization:

  • Food Product Development
  • Bioscience
  • Environmental Applied Science
  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Computer Information Systems




  • 246929

    Total number of students
  • 584

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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Holland College tied for first place ranking in reputation scores for post-secondary institutions across Atlantic Canada, according to a recent survey called the Atlantic Higher Education Reputation Monitor by Corporate Research Associates. The reputation score represents an average score out of 10 when respondents were asked how they would rate post-secondary institutions on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is extremely negative and 10 is extremely positive. Respondents gave Holland College a reputation rating of 8.3, significantly higher than the regional average of 7.8. Holland College also received a 99 per cent familiarity rating, well above the regional average of 92 per cent. The familiarity ranking was calculated by subtracting the number of respondents who said they were not familiar with the institution from the total number of respondents. President Dr. Brian McMillan said the results reflect the way people regard community colleges today. “With the degree pathways and articulation agreements that we have, people are realizing that we not only provide relevant, hands-on training to enable graduates to become gainfully employed, we also give students the opportunity to pursue their educational goals seamlessly.”

Foster Student Success

Joe Boucher

Joe Boucher, Commercial Diving When Joe Boucher signed up for the Commercial Diving program at Holland College in 2008, it’s unlikely that he thought that he’d end up on board a ship off the coast of Nunavut searching for two ships that disappeared almost 170 years ago. But that’s exactly where he found himself, as part of the Victoria Straits Expedition to find the Franklin Expedition ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. “After graduating from Holland College’s Commercial diving program in 2009, I worked for a few years as a commercial diver. I came across a posting on the Government of Canada’s public service jobs website for an underwater dive technician position. I had the required experience, education and background, so I decided to apply. I was the successful candidate. I started working with Parks Canada in 2011. I’m an underwater archaeology technician.” Learn more.

Liam Mogan

Liam Mogan, Photography and Digital Imaging Liam Mogan graduated from Holland College’s Photography and Digital Imaging (PDI) program in 2005 and has been honing his skills ever since. He’s been winning awards along the way, too; most recently, he won Gold in the National Magazine Awards for a fashion story in Sharp Magazine. “The Photography and Digital Imaging program really helped me become a self-starter, which is essential if you want to make it in this industry … the program truly mimicked a working professional studio environment. Operating my own editorial/commercial studio feels very similar to my time at PDI. The instructors were great mentors as well; in fact, I still email them now and again for advice when I’m stuck on something. Just having that support alone is quite nice. Learn more.

Samara Meade

Samara Meade, Class of 2009 Freelance journalist, flight attendant When I need directions I ask a stranger on the street. If I need a place to stay in Europe, I turn to Couchsurfing. If my new neighbour invites me for a meal, I’ll go, dessert in hand. My ease and comfort around people is not innate; I was so painfully shy that others mistook me for being rude or stuck up. When did this change? In 2009 when as a journalism student, if I did not have an interview, I did not have a story. I had no choice but to meet strangers. It became my passion. The confidence I gained from the journalism program was a massive stepping-stone. Today my traveling continues. I am a flight attendant with WestJet and a freelance journalist, covering events for magazines. Journalism gave me words, strength and a magnificent set of wings.

Partner with Business and Community


Holland College’s Culinary Institute of Canada and international food ingredient company Griffith Foods are offering a Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS) preparatory course. This unique program is a blend of online and classroom/kitchen training designed to help food scientists, technologists and research and development managers merge the complementary disciplines of culinary arts and food science. The Certified Culinary Scientist preparatory course will help participants who already hold the required scientific credentials gain hands-on culinary proficiency and facilitate comprehension of current key industry food development topics. Completion of the course will meet the Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) required 120 contact hours, while building the skills needed to prepare participants to challenge the RCA’s Certified Culinary Scientist certification exam. New skills developed through the programs’ course work will increase culinary competency for immediate application in the field or as participants continue to prepare for the CCS certification.


Holland College has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a deserving resident in the area. The home will be built with the assistance of various trades students. When the structural construction has been completed, the house will transported to a lot in Summerside. The partnership is not a new one; Habitat for Humanity PEI has worked with Holland College on numerous projects with great success. Holland College president Dr. Brian McMillan said the opportunity to help Habitat for Humanity with this project is invaluable. “While participating in meaningful, community based projects, Holland College students are able to hone their skills in a hands-on learning environment. In addition to learning their trade, they can be proud of their contribution to the community. In this way, our graduates enter the workplace not only with the right skills, but with a good sense of perspective.”

Support Indigenous Students

Currently we are in the research stage of support for indigenous students. We are working with a group of students and partnering with the University of Prince Edward Island to determine desirable and effective services for indigenous students.

Date modified: 2021-07-19