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Niagara College

Niagara College is one of Ontario’s 24 colleges of applied arts and technology established under the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Since opening its doors in 1967 in Welland, Ontario and expanding across the Niagara region and internationally, Niagara College has grown to become a leader in applied education. Areas of specialization include advanced technology, applied health, community safety, media, food and beverage sciences, business, hospitality and tourism, and environment and horticulture, which are supported by unique learning enterprises in food, wine, beer, horticulture, dental, esthetics and hairstyling.

Niagara College is recognized as a leader in student satisfaction, consistently ranking among the top colleges in Ontario according to provincial surveys. These surveys also show that Niagara College graduates get jobs and that employers are very satisfied with the graduates they hire. In 2014, more than 87% of NC grads were hired within six months of graduation, and 89% of employers said they were happy with the NC grad they hired. At Niagara College, more than 10,000 full-time students study in over 100 diploma, graduate certificate, apprenticeship, and Bachelor’s Degree programs. Niagara College also welcomes 9,000 Continuing Education registrants each year who study in 1,300+ credit, vocational and general interest programs.

Fast Facts

  • 100+ Certificate, Diploma, Apprenticeship and Bachelor’s Degree programs
  • 1,300+ credit, vocational and general interest courses
  • Canada’s first teaching winery: 40-acre teaching vineyard
  • Canada’s first Teaching Brewery
  • $400,000 available to students in scholarships
  • $2,000,000+ in stipends available to employers hiring NC grads
  • $5,950,000 in capital budget allocated to enhance student life and services
  • 1,050+ students from more than 50 programs engage annually in co-op, internship, learning enterprise, apprenticeship and field placements
  • 1,800+ students from more than 44 programs participate annually in applied research projects 15+ years of assisting non-profit organizations through our student-driven Many Hands Project

Our research specialization:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Business and Commercialization Solutions
  • Digital Media & Web Solutions
  • Food and Beverage Innovation




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  • 2204


This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

  • Niagara College supports regional economic development by assisting local small and medium businesses with applied research in advanced manufacturing, new media, agri-food, and precision agriculture.
  • Niagara College provides innovative student leadership opportunities locally and abroad, including on-campus, community and international experiences through our Get-Involved, Many Hands and Be World Ready programs.
  • For every $1 spent by students, $3.40 are returned to them in lifetime income.
  • For every $1 spent by the provincial government, $5.80 are returned in added taxes and public sector savings for the government.
  • During 2013-14, Niagara College and its students added $808.1 million in income to the local economy, approximately equal to 5.6% of the region’s Gross Regional Product.

Foster Student Success

NC’s Junior Culinary Team Canada Wins Gold Medal at World Culinary Championship Junior Culinary Team Canada – comprised of students and recent graduates from Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute – won two medals at the Expogast Villeroy and Boch Culinary World Cup 2014: a gold medal for its hot program and a silver for its cold program. While the gold and silver medals were awarded for points the team achieved in the hot and cold programs respectively, the team was ranked fifth in the world. This was the first international competition for Junior Culinary Team Canada. In addition to representing Canada at international competitions for three years, it won the distinction of representing Canada at the 2016 World Culinary Olympics in Germany.

Allan Ho

“It was a big game changer.” That’s how Allan Ho describes his decision to enroll in Niagara College’s Bachelor of Applied Business in International Commerce and Global Development program. The 24-year-old who graduated from Niagara College in 2013 now lives life in the fast lane, dividing time between the Niagara region and Toronto. Fuelled by ambition, he works two jobs; as a financial analyst for the Canadian Armed Forces Lincoln and Welland Regiment, as well as an equity derivatives analyst for PB Investments Ltd. in Toronto. “With the experiences and education involved with Niagara College, I’ve grown to understand the risk involvement within investments and the impact on industries based on world events,” says Ho. Ho particularly valued networking opportunities he encountered at the College, through his professors as well as his peers.

Paula Simion

It’s only been a few years since she’s graduated, but Paula Simion is proud of her quick rise in the exciting fast-paced world of marketing. She feels the excitement and reaps the rewards each time she sees an ad she has chosen to place on a Gardiner Expressway billboard, a TV spot during the Oscars, or a mobile advertising campaign. As a media supervisor for Saatchi & Saatchi in Toronto, 26-year-old Simion manages a multi-million-dollar budget, a team of three, and oversees the truck portfolio for the largest automotive brands in Canada. And Niagara College’s Business Administration, Marketing (Co-op) graduate program helped pave the way. “It’s amazing to think that I started at Niagara College as a Marketing student working on course-based research projects and now work on campaigns for the Super Bowl, vehicle launches and other major promotions,” she says.

Partner with Business and Community


In partnership with government and industry, Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division has involved 1,847 students and 91 faculty and researchers in 168 projects, which represent increases over last year of 46%, 97%, and 118%, respectively. These projects included faculty and students from 44 programs at the college, which is also an increase of 63%, and reflect a total of $3,438,641 in funding support from all sources, in 2014-15.


Niagara College has established new labs and facilities to support economic development in the region, including:

  • $4.175M from the provincial government and $1.2M from Walker Industries for the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre at the Welland Campus.
  • Research space for applied research projects, technical services, workshops, networking and industry engagement opportunities.
  • Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre labs with funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund and industry ($1.7M).
  • Assisting in the development of new products that are now on the market for industry partners. Examples include:
    • MADD Virgin Drinks Craft Brewed Non-Alcoholic Lager
    • Spoon Sweets yogurt topping for Colossus Fine Foods
    • Several game-meat products for Black Angus Fine Meats
    • Developed a food safety program for BC’s Vikram Vij to enable him to sell his products across Canada; being implemented by our new graduates

Support Indigenous Students

First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Student Services provided a number of student supports in order to improve student engagement and retention, including cultural as well as life skills workshops. The Aboriginal Student Success Advisor worked with students to ensure that they were on track academically and socially, and connected them with any required resources and supports. This included referrals to peer tutoring, academic advising, disability services, and community Aboriginal services, such as Native Housing and Friendship Centre programs. As of June, 2015, a space at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus has been created for an Aboriginal Student Resource Centre. This will assist us in connecting with students and expanding supports that have been offered predominantly at the Welland campus.

Date modified: 2016-10-27