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SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) is a leader in action-based learning, delivering relevant, skill-oriented education. We offer two baccalaureate degrees, three applied degrees, 73 diploma and certificate programs, 37 apprenticeship trades and more than 1,000 continuing education and corporate training courses.

We work closely with industry to ensure graduate success — 94% of SAIT graduates are employed and 99% of employers say they would hire SAIT graduates again.

Fast Facts

  • Third largest post-secondary in Alberta
  • Trains 33% of Alberta’s apprentices
  • More than $4 million in scholarships and bursaries awarded annually
  • One of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges (listed in the top five for past three years)
  • Survey says 91% of students are satisfied with their program




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

SAIT’s industry and community partnerships make us stronger. Our track record of collaboration illustrates that what we accomplish together is greater than what we could accomplish on our own. For example, economically vulnerable children in Calgary are smiling brighter thanks to a partnership between SAIT and the Alex Community Health Centre, which provides preventative dental care to children whose families can’t afford to get the work done. SAIT’s dental assisting students volunteer their time alongside dentists and hygienists to provide care free of charge.

Foster Student Success

Student achievement is the most important measure of our success. SAIT’s commitment is to provide an outstanding experience to prepare students for meaningful careers.

Student success in action: Power Engineering students at SAIT are trained in facilities considered among the best in the world. Many of the boilers, turbines and auxiliary equipment housed in the Cenovus Energy Centre are connected to simulate a real power plant.

How real is it? The steam generated is pumped back into SAIT’s main power plant and used to heat buildings on campus, making SAIT the only post-secondary in Canada to operate in this manner.

Partner with Business and Community


Our students and industry partners count on us to lead on every front — to think boldly and creatively about where applied education goes next. Whether an idea is born at SAIT or brought to SAIT, we act as an incubator where innovative ideas are developed, tested and perfected. For example, our Mechanical Engineering students made a contribution to a one-of-a-kind wheelchair that allows people with limited mobility to independently navigate hiking trials. The Parks Explorer is a wheelchair/bicycle hybrid that doesn’t require anyone to push or pull it. Its developer, Christian Bagg, Inclusion and Outreach Programmer with Alberta Environment and Parks, approached SAIT to design a user-friendly steering mechanism. Students suggested a motor that required a push-button start and then worked with Bagg to create a functional prototype.

Support Indigenous Students

SAIT offers a welcoming environment, quality education, and tools for academic success to First Nations, Métis and Inuit students through the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre. At the Lodge, students can access one-on-one assistance and learning strategies, actively participate in networking opportunities, and celebrate cultural values. It’s a gathering place dedicated to enriching Aboriginal student life as well as promoting cultural education and awareness. Chinook Lodge is also a cultural bridge between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, on campus and in the greater community. Student Advisors assist with program applications, provide information on funding procedures and guidelines, help locate housing, and act as liaison with other First Nations and Aboriginal community resources.

Date modified: 2016-10-27