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Coming together to separate oil and water

After the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, it was clear to Mark, Stephen and Michael Neal that it was time to revive... Read more

Energy-Efficient Housing for Arctic Living

What does it mean to live sustainably in the North? With two months of darkness, monthly utility bills over $1,500, temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius,... Read more

Floating Fence Skims Oil Spills from Lake and River Water

A floating fence being tested and refined at SAIT Polytechnic offers new potential for making a difference in oil spill clean-up. The XBOOM hydrocarbon containment... Read more

Helping Beekeepers Mind Their Own Beeswax

Neil Bertram, owner of Bertram Honey Ltd., was ready to move past the mess and expense of current technologies for beeswax extraction. With market demand... Read more

New Technology Helps Asthma Patients Breathe Easy

Globally, 180,000 people die of acute asthma attacks every year, many with a rescue inhaler in hand. Some of these asthmatics are resistant to available... Read more

Partnering with Industry in Green Building Innovation

Green-minded home buyers in Calgary have recently purchased two net-zero energy homes constructed by student researchers at SAIT Polytechnic. Green Building Technologies (GBT) is one... Read more

Power line research shocks and impresses

Shannon Developments Corp. assesses power lines around the world. For more than 20 years its assessments have helped utilities to replace only the power lines... Read more

Skate Manufacturing Analysis for Graf Canada

Graf Canada Ltd. is working with researchers at SAIT Polytechnic’s Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) department to develop better performing, lighter-weight skates. SAIT’s Sports... Read more

Smart Technologies Enable Thermostat Management From Afar

A virtual thermostat developed through research at SAIT Polytechnic could allow building managers to have wireless control of heat throughout large facilities. Kalen-Hudson Group is... Read more