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Colleges and institutes strengthen Canada’s capacity to innovate by undertaking applied research projects that refine and adapt products, services, technologies, and processes.

They provide partners with the talent and state-of-the-art facilities needed to drive both economic and social gain. Discover over 150 innovation stories from colleges and institutes across the country.

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3D Cloud Design for Mining Hydraulics

A leading specialist in industrial drive and control technologies was contracted to manufacture and install a hydraulic system at the Ontario Graphite mine site in... Read more

A Posture Correction Aid for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair-bound patients in long-term care facilities often have discomfort from slouching and being unable to reposition themselves. And caregivers suffer from strain injuries trying to... Read more

A Small Solution for a Big Cleaning Problem

Planes today that seat as many as 200 passengers have just two to four lavatories, which means they can get pretty dirty, pretty fast. But... Read more

Beacons for Airplane Safety

Tall structures such as wireless communication towers or windmills can be hazards for air traffic. A Québec company has developed specialized protective lighting for these... Read more

Chopping chopper waste

Airbus Helicopters Canada came to Niagara College seeking help to improve the productivity of a workstation in its Fort Erie plant. The company had established... Read more

Clear Skies with Advanced Green Technology

Clear Blue Technologies designs on-grid and off-grid wind and solar energy devices for renewable energy manufacturers. In 2012, Clear Blue and George Brown partnered to... Read more

Composite Aerospace Component Manufacturing

In the aerospace field, the quality and reliability of manufacturing processes is vital. Research and development are the very core of this industry and are... Read more

Creating Innovative Fibres from Recycled Wood Biomass

Innofibre is a College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) at Cégep de Trois-Rivières focused on production of cellulose products made from wood, pulp,... Read more

Cutting-edge technology makes prize-winning cutting edges

Joseph Hofer is an award-winning industrial designer based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. He was intrigued by the possibilities of 3D printing but wanted to take it... Read more

Deep down safety for miners

Ultra-deep mines are those that reach 2.5 kilometres below the earth’s surface. They are not an easy place to work; as the depth increases, so... Read more

Easier video surveillance

Lanoptic Video Solutions Inc. designs, sells and supports digital video devices for security and surveillance. It recently developed a system for installing digital video cameras... Read more

Flying out of college to a job with kiteboarding innovation

Ocean Rodeo came to Camosun College with a problem. The company, a kiteboard manufacturer, wanted to build a new kind of composite control bar for... Read more

Franco Chiesa, Industrial Research Chair in Aluminum Transformation

Aluminum transformation is an important area of research for a number of Québec industries looking for improvements in molding or casting aluminum alloys. Dr. Franco... Read more

Giving the Aerospace Industry an Upgrade

Aerospace manufacturing companies build parts using computer numerical control (CNC) machines, high-tech sculpting machines that program the path of the cutting tool in core materials.... Read more

Glasses-free 3D Technology for iPads

Humber College’s School of Applied Technology has recently completed a research project that involved designing and patenting 3D software for iPads. Humber faculty member Odin... Read more

Improving Highway Line Painting Technology

Niagara College’s state-of-the-art capacity in 3D design and 3D printing has offered local companies exciting new possibilities to improve their products and services. One such... Read more

Innovation in free flow as students redesign fountain technology

The sight of water dancing in a fountain always captivates — but how many of us give any thought to how that magic comes about?... Read more

Making Canada’s Summer sport safer for kids

After 10 years playing for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, Jeff Pilon knows about contact sports. So, when he witnessed some of... Read more

Making the Shoe Fit Every Time

Science has solved many conundrums, but finding the shoe that fits perfectly was never on the list. At Centennial College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre,... Read more

Needle in a Circuit Board Haystack

Red River College is home to the Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing. Through the Centre, aerospace and manufacturing organizations can get access to equipment, assets... Read more

Olivier Vermeersch, Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Innovative Technical Textiles

Technical fabrics are up-and-coming technologies in many of society’s strategic industrial sectors including transportation, defence, health, and construction. Today, technical fabrics are considered to be... Read more