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Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions, combining deep theoretical learning with applied, hands-on experience. Humber offers a wide variety of credentials including bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certificates, Ontario graduate certificates and apprenticeship programs. The college meets its vision of leadership in polytechnic education by providing students clear pathways between credentials and the opportunity to build on previous academic experiences. Humber’s mission is to develop broadly educated, highly skilled and adaptable citizens who are successful in their careers and significantly contribute to their communities.

Humber’s programs are offered through eight academic schools: Applied Technology; Business; Creative and Performing Arts; Health Sciences; Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Medis Studies and Information Technology; and Social and Community Services. Humber ensures its programs are relevant and up-to-date through close partnerships with industry, advisory committees, co-op, internship and apprenticeship placements, clinical practice, and applied research projects.

Fast Facts

  • 93% of employers are satisfied after hiring Humber graduates.
  • More than 90% of Humber programs feature co-op, internship, clinical practice or work-study opportunities.
  • Humber was the first college in Ontario to receive a silver rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).
  • Humber offers 23 bachelor’s degree programs, including Creative Advertising, Paralegal Services, Commerce, Music, Nursing, Criminal Justice and Interior Design.

Our research specialization:

  • Community and Social Innovation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mechatronics
  • Multimedia and Web Design/Development
  • Sustainable Technology and Design




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Humber has created links to the community that help to support our local residents and build their organizational capacity, while also encouraging partnerships with the college and our students. We help create connections that will help guide the design and delivery of programs and projects that are responsive to local labour market and community needs. One example of our work within the Greater Toronto Area is our partnership with the Toronto Police Service (TPS). Since 2014, Humber faculty and students in the School of Social and Community Services have been working with TPS to help evaluate the effectiveness of the Neighbourhood Policing Program, an initiative in which police officers are dedicated to a specific priority neighbourhood in Toronto for at least two years. Recently the recipient of a $200,000 grant from the federal government’s Community and College Social Innovation Fund, Humber’s project has been instrumental in allowing TPS to improve its program based on fair and impartial feedback from community members.

Foster Student Success

Sabrina Rubli

International Development graduate Sabrina Rubli took a “light bulb moment” as a student and went on to create real change for women in developing countries. While designing a water sanitation program as part of a school project, Rubli and classmate Ella Marinic discovered that girls and young women in Kenya missed an average of five days of school every month due to lack of supplies and facilities to manage menstruation. Determined to find a solution, her school project developed into Femme International, a successful non-governmental organization devoted to women’s hygiene issues, which has had an impact on more than 1,000 girls over two years.

Kyle Woolven and Marc Hallworth

The two graduates of Humber’s Comedy Writing and Performance program are making a difference to middle school students in Toronto by teaching them the therapeutic value of jokes. The two, who have been teaching at North Kipling Junior Middle School since 2014, are part of the Happiness@School program, which discourages bullying and promotes mental health and wellness. As part of the program, Woolven, Hallworth and their students develop stand-up routines from their personal experiences, while also emphasizing creativity, gratitude, mindfulness and stress-relief techniques. The two are hoping to take their program – which has been highly successful – to other schools, with a goal to doing workshops across the country.

Cory Misquita

Misquita, a recent graduate of Humber’s Film and Television Production (FMTV) program, has had many successes as writer and director of the college’s first feature-length film, Reign. The film, based on a short film by Misquita that was produced in her third year, was funded by Humber and worked on by faculty, students and graduates. It premiered at Toronto’s 2015 Female Eye Film Festival, where Misquita won Best Debut Filmmaker, and was later screened at the LA Femme International Film Festival, where Misquita won Best Feature Film Director.

Partner with Business and Community


Humber’s small business incubator, HumberLaunch, provides resources and funding for innovative business ideas – including one organization that’s bringing farming to the city. Alumni Craig Petten and Pablo Alvarez, graduates of Humber’s Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program, are co-owners of Aqua Greens, which uses a recirculating, closed-loop aquaponics system to raise tilapia and edible plants. This method uses approximately 90 per cent less water than conventional farming, and allows AquaGreens’ products to stay pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free. Petten and Alvarez were able to get their business off the ground thanks to funding through HumberLaunch’s LaunchPad competition.

Humber supports collaboration, applied research and innovation through our many partnerships with industry. For example, faculty and students in Humber’s School of Applied Technology have been helping to perfect high-quality 3D viewing on iPads without the need for 3D glasses. Industrial Design professor Odin Cappello partnered with Ontario-based Ooyavah Inc. to create an iPad case called Pryzma for viewing 3D content. Students in Humber’s Industrial Design degree program designed, printed and evaluated several prototypes, ultimately coming up with the hardware that houses Ooyavah’s 3D lens. Students in various programs in Humber’s School of Media Studies and Information Technology then developed a user interface application, a social media campaign and a marketing video. A patent is now pending for the lens case, with Cappello and his students named as the inventors.

Support Indigenous Students

Humber’s Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) works within our Student Success and Engagement department and in partnership with regional Aboriginal communities to ensure Aboriginal students are supported and connected to their learning environment academically, culturally and socially. The ARC helps Aboriginal students make the transition to college life while creating a greater awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal culture and history within the greater campus community. Humber runs Camp Choice, a three-day program for grade seven and eight students from First Nation communities across Ontario. Students are introduced to college life while they live at Humber, and the college stays in touch with participants throughout high school, providing support and encouragement.

Date modified: 2016-10-26