Clear Skies with Advanced Green Technology

Clear Blue Technologies designs on-grid and off-grid wind and solar energy devices for renewable energy manufacturers.

In 2012, Clear Blue and George Brown partnered to develop, manufacture, and test 20 prototypes of a key product. Clear Blue and the college have partnered again recently to develop a manufacturing process for Clear Blue’s Blackbird and Eagle releases.

The goal is to improve and scale the current manufacturability of its products and automate the existing manual manufacturing and testing of their systems. The company expects product quality and reliability to improve with proper reliability testing. This latest phase has supported Clear Blue in developing the process for a manufacturable for an outsourced subcontract Blackbird product. This involved working through an alpha version, a beta version and a version 1.0 of the Eagle product, and product and production testing processes. Clear Blue now has seven employees building, selling, and marketing these solar- and wind-powered solutions, and anticipates increasing their staff to 15-25 people over the next 18 months.

“Working with George Brown, we benefited from education programs specific to our industry, worked with great faculty, and had a strong and talented pool to draw from, leading to one of our first employees. Their faculty have assisted us as well – they provided assistance to review technology / hardware, as well as access to some equipment we didn’t have,” says Clear Blue Technologies.

This partnership has been mutually beneficial, matching industry experience with academic rigour, while serving as a conduit to the commercialization of green technology and student training. To date, Clear Blue’s application has had pilot systems installed at Mercedes Benz, Texas University, Stresscrete Alabama, Burlington Hydro, and George Brown College. Patents for their products have been filed in Canada and the U.S.

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Industry: Manufacturing

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