Composite Aerospace Component Manufacturing

In the aerospace field, the quality and reliability of manufacturing processes is vital. Research and development are the very core of this industry and are key to growth and development through innovation.

The use of new materials, such as composites, is increasingly common to reduce the weight of aircraft and improve performance. The Industrial Research Chair in Composite Aerospace Component Manufacturing at Edouard-Montpetit was created from a need expressed by the industry.

This research chair facilitates knowledge acquisition and offers access to a team of specialized workers, factors that can help companies remain competitive in an international market. It also builds knowledge about the manufacture of composite parts, supports the local supply chain, and maximizes training opportunities. It aims to be a “one-stop-shop” for the development of aircraft composites.

Staff at the Centre technologique en aerospatiale (CTA), Bombardier and smaller enterprises such as FDC Composites, Hutchinson and Texonic, along with several university partners, are working in partnership to prove and market new technologies. Dubé has had a direct impact on the training of future aerospace technicians at the École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) since 2013. ÉNA teachers have been involved in various projects, and in technological demonstrations on resin transfer moulding and infusion which are attended by nearly 120 students every year.

Dubé and his research team facilitate collaboration between SMEs and Bombardier to develop composite parts by providing a cutting-edge technological workshop and a team of specialists. Bombardier is solidly committed to using composite materials in the manufacture of its new devices and its aircraft division is currently developing products that are highly innovative in their intensive use of composite materials. These high-performance materials make it possible to build lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient aircraft.

To date, several primary aircraft structure parts have been developed at CTA. Since the inception of the Research Chair program, over 100 structural-quality composite parts, from simple test plates to a complex fitting, have also been built. Based in innovation and excellent productivity of local companies, this type of partnership between industry and the research chair provides the aerospace industry with qualified and specialized workers.

“The research framework and CTA’s specialized team have certainly accelerated our development projects,” says Didier Hoste, Section Chief of Aerostructures Technology Development at Bombardier.

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