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Building with Peat Blocks

Housing development in Ontario’s far north is limited, largely because of the high cost of materials and construction challenges created by harsh weather conditions and... Read more

Cleaning Condo Air Quality

Condominiums and high-rise apartment buildings are often designed with ineffective corridor ventilation. In these buildings, fresh air is pumped into the hallways and then pulled... Read more

Energy-Efficient Housing for Arctic Living

What does it mean to live sustainably in the North? With two months of darkness, monthly utility bills over $1,500, temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius,... Read more

Feeling the Heat – the Furnace Minder

In the fall of 2013, a local heating and air-conditioning company contacted Humber College’s instructor of the Electronics Engineering Technician program to discuss the development... Read more

Large Building Air Leakage Testing

Air leakage is now widely recognized as one of the most critical parameters affecting a building’s energy use, indoor air quality, comfort and durability. This... Read more

Partnering with Industry in Green Building Innovation

Green-minded home buyers in Calgary have recently purchased two net-zero energy homes constructed by student researchers at SAIT Polytechnic. Green Building Technologies (GBT) is one... Read more

Plugging into a new housing concept

Family dynamics in Canada are fast becoming more diverse, but the housing industry has been slow to adapt to them. It used to be that... Read more

Smart Technologies Enable Thermostat Management From Afar

A virtual thermostat developed through research at SAIT Polytechnic could allow building managers to have wireless control of heat throughout large facilities. Kalen-Hudson Group is... Read more

Using Radar for Outdoor Perimeter Security

Algonquin College student researchers have been key players in the design and testing of a new 3D radar system that an Ottawa security company is... Read more

What goes around (water) comes around (as heat)

In February 2015, Lakeland College opened the doors of its new Bio-Energy Centre. The building features a micro cogeneration unit built by Yanmar Energy Systems... Read more