Feeling better about what goes down the drain

Blue Planet Environmental is an Ontario-based company that has developed an advanced wastewater treatment for both residential and commercial use. The company approached the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment at Fleming College to find ways to improve its new system, so its performance would eventually meet industry certification standards.

The centre launched two consecutive applied research projects to optimize and redesign the system. The first assessed two variations of the system – run in parallel – to determine which removed nitrogen more effectively. The second project, building on the results of the first, modified the system to combine a fixed film filter process with a conventional septic tank. As a result of the second project, the Blue Planet system was further refined.

Four students assisted with the projects, which were directly related to their programs of study. They gained skills in sample collection, lab analysis and laboratory health and safety.
Systems like Blue Planet’s allow houses and businesses in areas without sewer systems to treat their wastewater efficiently and effectively, preserving water and protecting the environment.

Because of the two applied research projects at Fleming College, the advanced wastewater treatment system’s capabilities have been greatly improved. Blue Planet has deeper knowledge of how its technology works and data to back up that understanding. Thanks to the system provided by Fleming’s Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Blue Planet can speak with confidence of its technology’s capabilities and is in a better position to complete development and validation of the system.

Funded by: Engage Plus Grant

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