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College of the North Atlantic (CNA)

College of the North Atlantic is Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college – one of the largest post-secondary educational and skills training centres in Atlantic Canada, with a history dating back more than 50 years. Today, the institution counts 17 campus locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, and has more than a thousand students studying its curriculum at various partner universities in China. CNA also operates a technical education college for the State of Qatar in the Middle East. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the college offers nearly 100 full-time program offerings and more than 300 part-time courses for some 25,000 students each year. CNA continues to have the lowest tuition fees of any post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada. The institution provides an impressive world-class, nationally accredited range of programming that meets the highest demands of industry; transfer opportunities that promote continuing education at home and abroad; research and development leadership in community and regional innovation; and precedent-setting international partnerships. Learn more.

Fast Facts

  • We operate a technical college for the Middle East State of Qatar. The contract we have with Qatar is the largest international educational contract ever signed.
  • We have the lowest tuition fees of any college in Canada ($726 per semester).
  • With 17 campus locations and approximately 100 program offerings, CNA is one of the largest colleges in Canada.
  • We are one of Canada’s top colleges for applied research (ranked as high as #3 in 2014).
  • We are a leader in international education and international partnership development. More than 1,000 students in China study our curriculum at partner universities there.

Our research specialization:

  • Wave/Ocean Energy Research
  • Nanotechnology
  • Minerology
  • Petroeum
  • Manufacturing/Product Development




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

The 17 campuses of College of the North Atlantic are among the main economic drivers in the regions they serve. The college provides access to equipment and expertise that would not otherwise be available in these regions, is often one of the larger employers, and a large consumer of local goods and services. In addition, through our program delivery and service learning philosophy, the college often donates labour and materials to support various projects in our communities. These can be as small as a welding class making bicycle racks or playground equipment as a class project and donating them to a local school, to college wide initiatives such as the annual turkey drive or Mental Health Matters Day that raise money and create awareness for worthwhile causes.

Foster Student Success

College of the North Atlantic has produced tens of thousands of graduates in its history, many of which have amazing stories to tell. Learn more.

Partner with Business and Community


Nalcor Energy, a Crown corporation of Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, manages the province’s energy resources. Nalcor’s Lower Churchill Project, the province’s largest hydroelectric project, is developing the remaining 35% of the Churchill River in Labrador. In consultation with the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership (LATP), Nalcor identified local labour market needs for all phases of the project. In response, the college’s Contract Training/Continuing Education department delivered 15 different training programs. The programs, ranging in length from 6 weeks to several months, were customized to meet the human resource requirements of the project and were tailored to maximize participation of aboriginal students; a key objective outlined in Nalcor’s diversity plan and its commitment to the Industrial Benefits Agreement. The outcomes for the students have been significant with 266 aboriginal students enrolled in the programs from 2012-2015. 87% of the students successfully completed their training, and to date 75% have found employment.


CNA has had a partnerhsip with the Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC) for nearly two decades. In conjunction with WRDC, the college offers such program initiatives as the Orientation to Trades and Technology for Women and Techsploration: Orientation to Trades and Technology for female youth. A number of new scholarships have been created as well. The partnership with WRDC provides another level of support for female learners in the Trades and Technology programs. Students benefit from mentoring programs, provincial of networking opportunities, access to guest speakers, and more.

Support Indigenous Students

CNA has a large aboriginal student population and provides many services specific to them. Our Happy Valley-Goose Bay campus has an Aboriginal Resource Centre (and website) staffed by an Aboriginal Support Coordinator to ensure students are connected to their learning environment academically, culturally and socially. We assist Aboriginal students in making the transition to the challenges of moving from home and college life in general and strive to create an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal Culture and History throughout the campus and the whole college community. We also offer an Aboriginal Bridging program at the campus specially designed to help aboriginal learners prepare for post-secondary training and for subsequent careers after graduation.

Programs & Services of Interest

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