Optimizing Commercial Potential of Green Energy

The Lambton College Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage (RECSR) project is focused on the development of an integrated, modular hybrid renewable energy system with the capability of optimizing captured energy at varying production levels and operating conditions.

A scalable fuel production, storage and dispensing system is being designed to manage wind, photovoltaic solar-derived energy, drive electrolysis, compress and store electricity as gaseous hydrogen, and regenerate power via proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Housed in Lambton College’s Sustainable Smart Home facility, the project showcases several areas of applied research in green technology, including hybrid energy system management, dynamic optimization and control, energy storage, and micro-grid technologies.

Project partners specializing in instrumentation, controls and automation include Paton Controls, Provincial Controls, Electrozad Supply Company, and local utility operator, Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation.

“The RECSR project builds the research capacity of the region’s core industrial and energy sectors by bolstering the ability of local businesses to enhance their products and services toward commercialization.” says Mike Bonovski, MPB Industrial Ltd and TechAlliance.

The five-year project will wrap up in 2015, having employed more than 30 students and graduates in Lambton College’s Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology and Alternative Energy Engineering Technology programs. A number of faculty members have also collaborated in this project, contributing their expertise while continuing to develop their knowledge. The project and its infrastructure have enhanced Lambton College’s capacity to do advanced applied research in energy storage and management technologies, and will create opportunities for future projects with new industrial partners.

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