A Hub for Smart Energy Use

A small Nova Scotia company has gained a reputation for developing innovative, custom designed energy analysis software to improve energy efficiency. Launched in 2013, The Efficiency Store offers a range of energy analysis services for homeowners and local businesses.

The company founder, Megan McCarthy, came to Nova Scotia to complete her post-secondary education. While studying, she recognized an opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the energy efficiency sector. A researcher encouraged her to contact the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Applied Energy Research Lab. The result was a collaboration, with NSCC and The Efficiency Store working together to develop new energy monitoring hardware and analysis tools that will allow the company to offer a more comprehensive range of energy services.

“Working with NSCC is like having my own team of experts that will help fast track my prototype and get to commercialization faster.” McCarthy says.

In 2014, NSCC was awarded a CCI Innovation Enhancement grant for research on energy data using advanced telemetry and analytics (Energy DATA). The aim of the Energy DATA program is to develop a cluster of research and development partnerships with local industry, build new applied research capacity in the region, and create new technology products and services. The research program has allowed NSCC to become an important hub for smart energy research, and to attract interest from a variety of partners in the region, ranging from small innovative startups, like The Efficiency Store, to industry leaders such as IBM Canada.

Funded by: Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grant

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