Easing Parenthood with an Internet Connection

A Toronto business woman, with an idea about connecting new parents with qualified and prescreened caregivers, wanted to develop an online search system that was seamless and easy to use. MotherEaze and George Brown College worked together to devise a business plan and a scheduling and payment system for the company website. This project involved extensive background research and analysis of the existing website and documentation of the system and user interface requirements for all desired features.

MotherEaze’s intensive candidate screening is what sets the enterprise apart from rival services. The company’s qualified caregivers include early childhood education workers, nurses, and professional caregivers, complete with biographies and profiles to help mothers decide which candidate fits their families.

MotherEaze also sought George Brown’s assistance to design, develop and integrate an automated scheduling and payment system for the existing website. The system had to allow parents to review biographies and availability of service providers, and book, pay and rate services. It also had to allow service providers to upload bios and availability, view upcoming company meetings, receive payment and confirm bookings, as well as allow administrative oversight of data and e-commerce and payment integration.

After reaching out to George Brown College to help develop the idea, Mothereaze.com launched early this summer. The company is in the process of streamlining user paths and polishing the interface. In the meantime, it is putting together a pool of qualified applicants that parents can choose from for help.

Partner(s): MotherEaze

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