Developing an Interactive Thriller Video Game

A Montreal company has created a new form of game combining the narrative of movies with the video game experience of being the hero of the story – with the help of a Quebec cégep.

Formed in 2011, Zandel Média Inc. is a company working on a new kind of digital entertainment. The company called on the expertise of the Centre de développement et de recherche en imagerie numérique (CDRIN) affiliated with Cégep de Matane to help them with their innovation process. The team created a proof of concept in 2012 combining the interactivity and energy of video games with the richness of film images.

CDRIN’s multimedia integration techniques teacher and the 3D animation and image synthesis teacher participated in the research and development work of this new format of video game. Four years later, in November 2014, Zandel officially launched MISSING, its first interactive thriller application. The day after the launch, MISSING sat proudly at the top of iTunes Canada’s list of paid applications.

President and founder of Zandel Média Simon Tremblay says, “CDRIN has played a major role since Zandel Média was in its infancy. Our collaboration has helped us quickly and continually verify the technological feasibility of using a new interactive format with 100% live action in both the game and video components.”

Partner(s): Zandel Média Inc.

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