Enhancing Sales Efficiency with Mobile Computing

Sales representatives in many companies rely on simple note-taking and observation in the field. However, advances in mobile computing and highspeed networks provide significant opportunities to improve sales efficiency.

Being in touch through mobile devices can help sales reps be more productive while on the job, share updates with other reps more effectively, and enhance their client relationships.

Through an applied research project at Sheridan College, three students designed and developed a fully-functional iPad prototype for Encore Market Engagement.

The iOS prototype developed was complex and involved a great deal of research. Students developed a variety of technical skills that improved their employment readiness, and all of the students found high-quality co-op work term positions immediately after completing the project. Encore Market Engagement is interested in further developing the project with Sheridan.

The benefits to the partner included a technology solution that increased sales force efficiency by streamlining processes, and increased profit margins by maximizing their return on investment. The benefits to the research discipline included new knowledge and expertise that can be disseminated and transferred to Canadian companies locally, provincially, and nationally.

“As this was our first experience with an ARD, we were pleasantly surprised by the interaction with Sheridan, its staff and students. All parties were professional, engaged, capable, and committed to making this initiative as productive and successful as possible,” says Brian Vanstone, a partner at Encore Market Engagement. “We look forward to the opportunity to potentially work together again on additional research projects.”

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