Connecting Link2Feed to Collective Impact Platforms

Link2Feed is a Sarnia-based company that has created software to help food banks and other non-profits across North America (including Sarnia’s Inn of the Good Sheppard) to use data to understand and increase the impact of their work. The software is designed to collect and manage client data in ways that help organizations better understand the people they serve, increase their resources, and demonstrate their value to donors.

The work was a collaboration between Link2Feed and Lambton College’s Information Technology Research Group, led by faculty researcher Len Payne. Their challenge was to enhance the integration capacity of Link2Feed’s software, to give the company’s clients the data and system capabilities they needed to participate in collective projects.

Link2Feed’s software is now integrating successfully with a software in Dallas that helps link the emergency food system with the health-care sector, to improve clients’ health.
Link2Feed used the technology created in this project to create a spin-off platform called “Kids Café,” which integrates with their core platform and has helped emergency food organizations deliver meals to children.

“The research project with Lambton College gave us a fresh perspective on integration and a fantastic support to grow in our research and development efforts,” said a spokesperson for Link2Feed. “We have continued to work with the researchers outside of the project to grow other areas of our technical innovation.”

Partner(s): Link2Feed
Funded by: Ontario Centres of Excellence

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