3D Configuration Helps Sell Products

Real-time rendering on the web is still a relatively new technology. But it holds great potential for helping customers visualize products they are planning to buy.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software firm Seradex engaged a research team of applied computing students working with Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) to help incorporate 3D visualization and configuration into its website. Sheridan students and faculty worked to take the product and service to a later stage of commercialization.

By integrating a 3D application developed with the support of Sheridan researchers into its customer website, the software firm will be on the leading edge of innovation in its field, using product configuration and visualization to provide accurate quotes, improve job costing, and streamline processes.

This project will allow Seradex to meet the visualization needs of client companies in a variety of sectors more effectively, using the results to provide better information to internal staff such as engineers and sales people, as well as dealers and customers. This software is applicable in a number of sectors served by Seradex including cabinetry, metal fabrication medical supplies, and capital equipment. It will help increase sales as companies are able to recommend solutions more rapidly and to configure and visualize complex products on a computer screen.

Mark Corker, President of Seradex Web Services, says, “The collaboration with Sheridan through this NSERC/OCE project resulted in a key 3D revisualization prototype that will significantly enhance our software and our customers’ experience. The work of these talented students will result in brand new commercialization possibilities for Seradex.”

Sheridan was able to provide the students with collaborative opportunities with the industry partner, maximizing the engagement of the students, faculty and staff at SIRT throughout the applied research process. Seradex has asked about hiring the students involved in the project once they have graduated.

Funded by: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant

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