An Android App for Better Energy Use

Lambton College has partnered with global startup Liricco Technologies Ltd. to develop a new android application that can help users save energy.

Liricco’s Valta line energy product is a remote energy management system that can detect standby power, identify waste, and notify users to help them save energy. Currently, only iOS-based smartphone control applications exist for this green-energy technology.

This was a ground-breaking project for Lambton College. The students applied the college’s android development expertise to a project straight out of the energy management industry. Faculty from the Information Technology programs who conducted the research were able to increase their knowledge and skills by troubleshooting in the development stages.

With the developed product, Liricco was able to show off side-by-side functional apps for iOS & Android at Germany and Hong Kong tech trade shows, attracting more investors, and increasing their potential customer base 400%.

“Liricco has benefited greatly by partnering on the development of our android app that we have now commercialized. We are currently looking into a second phase of this project that we are excited to partner with Lambton College with once again,” says Jeff Lin, Executive Director of Liricco Technologies.

Funded by: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant

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