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Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College opened in 1957 and is Canada’s first publicly-funded college. More than 4,000 students are enrolled in over 50 career-training programs, applied degree programs and apprenticeships, ranging from environmental science to justice studies to agriculture, business, engineering and more. The college offers nationally-recognized and nationally-accredited programs taught by instructors with proven careers in the fields they teach. Whether students’ goals are to gain instant employability upon graduation or to transfer credentials to a degree-granting institution, we provide them with a vibrant, high-tech place to get started. Well-established trades training and apprenticeship courses (9 apprenticeship and 4 pre-employment programs) are turning out tradespeople such as automotive systems specialists, electricians, welders, carpenters, heavy-duty mechanics and chefs. The college offers hands-on training, flexible learning possibilities and applied research opportunities. Students can choose from the familiar classroom-based courses, opt for online courses, or decide on a mix of classroom and online learning. The institution is also focused on creating an inclusive environment for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and international students. Welcome to your future at Lethbridge College.

Fast Facts

  • Our 30,000+ alumni are living and working in every province and territory in Canada as well as in countries around the world.
  • Founded in 1957 by educators who saw the need for young people to have access to quality post-secondary education, we are Canada’s first publicly funded community college.
  • Our Hubbard Wildlife Collection contains one of Canada’s largest collections of full-body taxidermy mammals – including grizzly, cougar, bison, bobcat and more – most of which are native to Alberta.
  • A student in our Heavy Equipment Technician program won gold at the 2015 Skills Canada competition, being described as “the best of the best.”
  • Students in our Wind Turbine Technician program, which was the first BZEE certified English program in Canada, train on an actual tower right on campus.




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Lethbridge College’s mission is to inspire and facilitate learning and innovation to meet economic and social needs. The college and its students have a significant economic and social impact on the community. According to a recent study by Economic Modeling Specialists International, the economic impact of the college is considerable, whether from attracting new students from out of the region to providing good jobs and benefits to more than 1,000 tax-paying residents to training graduates to fill jobs in high-demand areas and contribute to their own local economies around the world. The study shows the college and its students added $427.7 million to the economy in the Lethbridge region during the 2011-12 year. That number includes the economic impact of more than 1,500 students who moved to Lethbridge to attend college and added $6.5 million to the economy as well as the accumulated contribution of former college students currently employed in the regional workforce, who add more than $357 million to the economy. It also includes the net impact of the college operations. Learn more.

Foster Student Success

Troy Reeb

Troy Reeb got his start in broadcast journalism when he was just 16, working at CFOK (AM) in Westlock, Alta., and studying Communication Arts at Lethbridge College. After graduating in 1988, he worked in radio and spent five years with The Canadian Press before joining Global Toronto in 1999.  He rose to become Ottawa correspondent and Washington bureau chief before being chosen in 2008 to lead Global News across the country.  Today, he serves as Senior Vice President of Global News and Station Operations for Shaw Media. As head of Global News, Troy Reeb oversees a team of 1,000 people across Canada and in bureaus in Washington and London. Troy is a 1988 Communications Arts (Broadcast Journalism) graduate of Lethbridge College and was named the college’s Distinguished Alumnus in 2003. Troy personally supports an annual internship program in his name for Lethbridge College Digital Communications and Media students. Learn more.

Caitlin Power

Caitlin Power is the founder and creative director of her own label, CAITLIN POWER Designs, which she began immediately after graduating from the Fashion Design and Marketing program in 2008. Her eye for detail and high-end designs have allowed the brand to frequent the pages of magazines such as Elle, Flare, and Fashion, as well as TV programs such as CBC and ETalk. CAITLIN POWER is available internationally and shows twice a year at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. “What Caitlin has accomplished during her career as a fashion designer at such a young age is nothing short of incredible,” said Deanna Rowley-Brouwer, Instructor, Fashion Design and Marketing at Lethbridge College, in her letter nominating Power for the “Rising Star” distinguished alumni award given to Power in 2014. ”Many designers work a lifetime to be able to maintain the status that she currently holds in the Canadian fashion scene.” Learn more.

Tom McKenzie

Tom McKenzie is a 1976 grad of the college’s Criminal Justice Program and served with the Lethbridge Regional Police Service for 38 years, including almost eight years as Chief of Police.  He retired in 2014. McKenzie is a 2008 Distinguished Alumni of the college  and has served on the Law Enforcement Advisory board, the Alumni Advisory Council and, as of 2014, as a member of the on the college’s Board of Governors. He has also served as a board member for Special Olympics Alberta, Aboriginal Housing Society, the Kainai Headdress Society and more. “Tom really exemplifies community policing,” says Camrose Police Chief Darrell Kambeitz, a 1981 graduate of the college. “He’s in touch with his diverse community and their needs, and he structures the police service to meet those needs. I think it’s fair to say that Lethbridge is a better place to live because of Tom McKenzie.” Learn more.

Partner with Business and Community


Lethbridge College is proud of its many partners. Whether serving on program advisory boards, providing placements and hands-on experiences for practicum students or shaping curriculum, the college counts on partners to support the quality education its 4,000+ students receive each year. Partnerships go both ways, of course, and the college has leveraged its applied research strengths to help solve problems facing local industry and community collaborators.

One example of an industry partner the college is pleased to work with is Bruce Swift of Tri-Gen Fish Improvement, who conducted important research in the college’s Aquaculture Center of Excellence (ACE) facility last year. Swift, an entrepreneur from Coaldale, Alberta, came to the college first to study fish carcass quality. A recent NRC-BIAP award provided additional funding to study off-flavor in cold water trout, and this research is currently underway at ACE. Bruce shared the story of his experience partnering with Lethbridge College in this video.


In 2015, the college launched a new Agriculture Business Risk Management program which was the result of several important community partnerships. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, Agriculture Business Risk Management (AgBRM) is the practice of identifying, analyzing and managing the various potential risks and opportunities to achieve the goals of a business. This program is designed specifically for application in agricultural business (beef, pork, grain, oilseeds) with a strong focus on commodity and risk management essential to entrepreneurs. The program curriculum has been designed by industry for those working and studying in the livestock, grain and oilseed industry who would benefit from increased skills and knowledge in the area of business risk management. Partners include the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association, Alberta Barley, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Pork, Alberta Wheat Commission and the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation.

Support Indigenous Students

Lethbridge College is situated in traditional Blackfoot territory and as such takes great pride in providing high-quality education and support services to our First Nations, Métis and Inuit students. The Blackfoot people welcome Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to share in their rich heritage and culture, and Lethbridge College works closely with the FNMI community through partnerships and engagement in the local community. The college provides a “Circle of Services” to FNMI learners which includes personal, cultural, academic and career advising from experienced and dedicated FNMI professionals as well as access to Elders and spiritual advisors. FNMI learners enjoy a dedicated student lounge and are provided assistance in identifying and accessing funding as well as awards and scholarships. Also offered is an eight-month Career Pathways program, which serves FNMI students who may not be ready to enter a full-time program yet but want to sample a variety of programs.

Programs & Services of Interest

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