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We put you to work™. When it comes to grads getting jobs, 87.4 percent of the College’s most recent graduates found employment within six months of graduation compared to the provincial average of 83.6 percent, according to Provincial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results released in April 2016. Located on more than 200 acres in the beautiful Bay of Quinte region, Loyalist College is a close-knit community where students and their success come first. Loyalist provides personalized attention in small classes, rewarding field placements and superior student services.

To prepare students for in-demand careers, Loyalist offers more than 60 full-time programs; apprenticeships; and hundreds of online, distance and in-class courses, as well as opportunities for continuing education through more than 70 university transfer agreements. The College’s wide selection of advanced diplomas, diplomas and certificates aligns with market-driven disciplines including applied sciences, biosciences, building sciences, business and management studies, health sciences, human studies, justice studies, media, arts and design, and skills and technology.

In Ontario, the College’s new Digital Media Centre and the LEED® Silver certified Sustainable Skills, Technology and Life Sciences Centre are training centres of choice for students, as well as College business and industry partners. The College is a key driver of the social and economic health and prosperity of the area and contributes 5.4 percent to the Gross Regional Product. This represents an overall effect on the regional economy of $530 million – based on a 2014 Report by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI).

Fast Facts

  • When it comes to grads getting jobs, Loyalist is the #1 College in Eastern Ontario. According to KPI results released April 2016, 87.4% of graduates found employment within six months.
  • Loyalist has strong satisfaction rates above the provincial average for Graduate Satisfaction (81.6 vs 80.3), Employer Satisfaction (92.2 vs 91.4), and Student Satisfaction (79.4 vs 76.8). The Graduation Rate of 66.7 percent is equal to the provincial result.
  • The W. Garfield Weston Foundation Fellowship at Loyalist offers $4,000 plus a tuition credit to encourage students to pursue skilled trades diplomas and apprenticeships.
  • With a Loyalist diploma, grads can transfer directly into more than 70 university degree programs where they can often earn a degree in just two years.
  • 2015 Practical Nursing graduates who recently wrote the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE) were 100 percent successful.

Our research specialization:

  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SC-CO2) Fluid Extraction
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Loyalist College has a positive impact on the regional economy, creating value for students and the community. As a regional, access-focused College supporting a ‘rurban’ region (largely rural, two small cities 18 km apart) of East-Central Ontario, Loyalist is the portal to post-secondary education. The College provides a comprehensive range of programs, and is a key driver of the social and economic health and prosperity of the area. A report by EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists International), released September 2014, shows that the Loyalist Service Region received approximately $60.5 million in added income in 2012-13 due to the operations of Loyalist and the spending of students. Former Loyalist students who were active in the regional workforce in 2012-13 generated another $470.4 million in added income through their higher earnings and increased productivity of their employers. Altogether, Loyalist and its students added $530.8 million to the Loyalist Service Region economy, equal to the sum of the College operations effect, the student spending effect, and the past students’ productivity effect. This added income was equal to approximately 5.4 percent of the region’s Gross Regional Product. The College also provides economic benefits through applied research and consulting services, which lead to increased economic activity.

Foster Student Success

Francis Kendall

Biotechnology graduate Francis Kendall has been a Chemical Engineering Technologist at DuPont Canada in Kingston for four years. DuPont Canada’s approach to solving global challenges is rooted in its science and engineering expertise. Francis — and other Loyalist Biosciences grads who have attained a position at Kingston Technology Centre — helps create pilot projects for DuPont as part of a global collaboration focused on ensuring there is sufficient, nutritious and healthy food, securing our energy future and protecting people and the environment. Learn more.

Njomza Miftari

Njomza Miftari, a graduate of Loyalist College’s Justice Studies program is the Office Manager of the President of European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) Judges in Kosovo. Njomza was initially hired as a court recorder, which exposed her to the local legal system and prepared her for her current position. EULEX aims to enhance and strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo. European Union judges from neighbouring states work alongside local judges; they’re experts in their field and demonstrate best European practices. Njomza plays a part in rebuilding the state by mentoring its youth and working on projects to enhance justice. “We do a lot of training for law students, like workshops and mock trials,” she said. “These students are the future of Kosovo.” Learn more.

Renée Rodgers

When Renée Rodgers graduated with a degree in Film and Media from Queen’s University in 2009, she moved back home to Belleville, Ontario, in search of something more. “I knew there was a missing link,” said Renée. “Even though I had this degree, I knew it wouldn’t get me a job in television. It helps, but it’s not going to get your foot in the door.” Working in television has always been Renée’s dream. As a child she spent countless hours in front of the television, completely absorbed in the medium. Learn More.

Partner with Business and Community


The supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction laboratory at Loyalist College was the first of its kind in Ontario. Loyalist remains the only College in Canada with equipment and expertise focused specifically on industry collaboration and training in SC-CO2 extraction. The laboratory offers invaluable industry research in the local food, pharmaceutical, agriculture and natural health product industries. Several successful industry partnerships have resulted since the lab opened in 2004 including; a project with shrimp by-products that resulted in the launch of semi-commercial scale extraction of omega-3 rich oil, a project working with BlueOcean NutraSciences to determine the most efficient SC-CO2 extraction methodology of algae, a project with the Ontario Hops Growers Association to identify the potential for hop production in Ontario, and a project with The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation to determine the effectiveness of using SC-CO2 extraction to produce a high quality product for treatment of psoriasis and eczema. In 2016, Loyalist partnered with Entomo Farms on an applied research project using cricket powder for human consumption.


Loyalist College Construction Renovation Techniques and Technician students are using building plans and materials provided by Ontario Parks to build rustic cabins for Bon Echo Provincial Park. This project gives students a hands-on opportunity to do everything from framing to finishing work on the cabin. The cabins are 4.8 metres by 7.1 metres and sleep six people. Loyalist’s agreement with Ontario Parks requires that the work be completed to a high standard of workmanship, and the College is committed to that. It’s a terrific vote of confidence in the excellence of Loyalist students and faculty that they have chosen to partner with Loyalist on this project. Helping young people find jobs is part of the Ontario government’s economic plan to invest in people and to support training and education for skilled workers. This initiative is a wonderful example of the College’s partnerships with government and the community.

Support Indigenous Students

The Aboriginal Resource Centre was established at Loyalist to ensure appropriate support for native students on campus and to act as a liaison between College administration, Native communities and government agencies. The Centre’s goals are: to introduce students to the requirements of student life; to maximize the opportunities for students to realize their full academic and personal potential; to provide a friendly environment in which students can express and develop their Native identity; and to facilitate student participation in the overall life of the College community. The Centre’s approach is holistic. Our primary focus is our students. We provide workshops and activities designed to support students on their journey, including: assistance with admission, transcripts, funding and program planning; academic and individual counselling; remedial and Aboriginal peer tutoring and mentoring; and study space including computers and Internet, a video and text library, and Native newspapers.

Programs & Services of Interest

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